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Taiwan Soka Association Sponsors Summer Camp


On July 1-2, 2009, the Taiwan Soka Association (TSA) sponsored Soka Joy Summer Camp at Gungguan Elementary School in Green Island, Taitung County, Taiwan. The school, located on one of Taiwan's remote islands, has limited educational resources.

Some 30 TSA youth members who are college students volunteered their time as camp counselors, providing for the children a two-day event that included athletic events, chemistry workshops, dances and games. In addition, other TSA members in Taitung took charge of security, transportation, cooking and first aid for the campers.

Some of the elementary school students said they viewed the TSA counselors as role models and that they too would like to contribute to society when they grow up.

The Soka Joy Summer Camps is held in rural areas of Taiwan as a TSA student initiative to contribute to children's education, with a focus on elementary schools in Taiwan's mountainous regions and isolated islands.

090701x_tsa_camp_games.jpg Children work hard during the chemistry workshop
090701x_tsa_camp_fes.jpg TSA students dance with the elementary school children at an evening event

[Adapted from articles in the July 25, 2009 issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan and July 14, 2009 issues of Harmony Press, Taiwan Soka Association; photos courtesy of Harmony Press]