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SSA Promotes Health Awareness and Volunteerism

081004x_ssa_mental_illness.jpg World Mental Health Day 2008 event

Over the years, Singapore Soka Association (SSA) has promoted awareness of health issues among its membership, sponsoring lectures by SSA members and outside experts in the medical field. In particular, SSA has collaborated with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) on promoting mental health among the general public.

On October 4, 2008, together with Silver Ribbon (Singapore), SSA cosponsored World Mental Health Day 2008 at Hougang Mall. Minister of Defense Teo Chee Hean attended the event. Some 90 members of the Soka Volunteer Group (SVG) helped distribute gifts to participants.

081130x_ssa_health_edu1.jpg Panel at "Dawn After Dark" discuss mental illness

More recently, on November 30, SSA women and young women cosponsored with Silver Ribbon (Singapore) a forum titled "Dawn After Dark--What If I Have Mental Illness?" Member of Parliament Ellen Lee was joined by other guest speakers such as Dr. Lee Cheng, vice president of Silver Ribbon (Singapore) and senior consultant psychiatrist of the Institute of Mental Health; Dr. Rita Goh, author of Back from the Brink of Insanity; and Wee Li Lin, film director of Gone Shipping. Lectures were followed by a skit that portrayed common symptoms of mental illness and dispelled many misconceptions about mental illness, which is said to strike one in six people. The dramatic presentation showed how to cope with the illness, including therapy, medication and the compassionate support of family members and society.

081130x_ssa_health_edu2.jpg The cast of actors of the skit

On October 18, 35 SSA senior women members attended an educational seminar on bone health and osteoporosis at the Health Promotion Board in commemoration of World Osteoporosis Day 2008. The event included bone density scans and professional advice on proper nutrition.

The SSA Volunteer Group representatives participated in World Hospice Day 2008 at Dover Park Hospice on October 11, where they attended a talk on hospice care and shared their experiences as volunteers in their community.

[Adapted from articles in the October 29, 2008, Issue No. 348 of the SSA Times, Singapore Soka Association, and an SSA report]