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1,000 Participate in Second Bolivia Women's Summit

SGI-Bolivia women attend Second Bolivia Women's Summit

On October 7 and 8, SGI-Bolivia held its Second Bolivia Women's Summit, commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the SGI-Bolivia Women's Peace Committee, at the Santa Cruz Convention Center. Some 1,000 women, including friends, guests and SGI representatives, participated in the forum titled "Ode to Peace and Humanism." Women leaders from various sectors of society--education, legal and medical, among others--lectured. In a talk, titled "Education for Molding Global Citizens," Rector María Cristina Justiniano Quintanilla of Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Mariscal Sucre (Mariscal Sucre National University of Education) appealed for the realization of humanistic education that places utmost priority on children's happiness. Dr. Yaneth Lijeron Casanovas de Tavel, director of the Department of Education and Research at the Bolivian Institute of Gastroenterology in Sucre, spoke on "Life of Health." Ruth Yavi, SGI-Bolivia women's division vice secretariat, shared advice on women's roles from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's book, Shin joseisho (New Essays About Women). Romina Prieto, a young women's division leader, shared her view of the importance of having a mentor in life. In her congratulatory words, Rector Lauren Müller de Pacheco of Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra remarked that memories of her meeting with Mr. Ikeda in Japan and her friendship with SGI-Bolivia women are her lifetime treasures. Sonia Vinchenti de Costas, wife of the Santa Cruz governor, expressed her expectations for SGI-Bolivia women to lead the way toward women's empowerment through their erudition and their development into capable leaders in society.

Local newspapers El Deber, El Mundo and El Postosí Daily reported on the SGI-Bolivia's Women's Summit.