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DVD of Tagalog Version of "Happy Tales," Collection of SGI President Ikeda's Children's Stories, Released in the Philippines

A poster announcing the TV program schedule for airing of "Happy Tales" in July 2004

A DVD of 12 animated adaptations of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's children's books, translated into Tagalog, was recently completed in the Philippines. A series of 11 of the stories, titled "Happy Tales," aired on GMA TV in the Philippines in July 2004, with a 13% viewership rating. The show, a project of the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children's Television (SEAFCTV) and SGI-Philippines, recommended by the Philippine Department of Education, re-aired four times as a result of high viewer ratings. In June 2005, Mr. Ikeda received the Anak TV Broadcasters' Award, the highest honor SEAFCTV gives to individuals deemed to have contributed to children's programming. SEAFCTV President Edgardo C. Roces called the series the "Walt Disney of Asia" for drawing children into a world transcending make-believe and providing them enjoyment and happiness. He also described Mr. Ikeda as the "Santa Claus of Asia" for presenting children with these warm-hearted, attractive stories infused with positive values. More importantly, he said Mr. Ikeda's stories foster mutual understanding where conflicts exist, as well as bring happiness where there is sadness, peace where there is discord, and hope where there is despair.

Aurora A. Quezon Elementary School representatives receive copy of "Happy Tales" DVD
Screening at F. Benitez Elementary School in Manila City

To commemorate the completion of the DVD, "Happy Tales" is being shown throughout the Philippines. In Manila, with the support of Mayor Jose L. Atienza Jr., a screening was held at P. Gomez Elementary School, Manila, Philippines, and attended by representatives of 71 Manila schools. The DVD was also seen at 29 other Manila schools. A total of 10,000 children and teachers attended screenings in Manila. In Cagayan de Oro, a screening was held at City Central School attended by Vice Mayor Michelle Tagarda-Spiers and 29 school principals. The Philippine Department of Education instituted "Values Education" in 2002, aiming at character-building founded on rich knowledge. The "Happy Tales" DVD is being used as educational material in support of Values Education. Stories such as The Cherry Tree, Peace River, The Prince and the Coral Sea, and Kanta and the Deer convey virtues of hope, courage, honesty, altruism and justice. The Manila Bulletin carried an article about the various screenings.