Back to listAug 3, 2006

Kinmen County, Taiwan, Hosts Exhibitions of Li Chi-Mao's Art and Daisaku Ikeda's Photography, Charity Concert, and Soka Joy Summer Camp

SGI-Taiwan students take a commemorative photo with schoolchildren from Guning Elementary School

In July, SGI-Taiwan held various events in Kinmen County, Taiwan. At the beginning of the month, SGI-Taiwan Student Division members sponsored a Soka Joy Summer Camp for students at the Guning Elementary School on Kinmen Island. Soka Joy Summer Camp is an SGI-Taiwan Student Division initiative to contribute to children's education, with a focus on elementary schools in Taiwan's mountainous regions and isolated islands. Principal Lee Renmu remarked that the SGI is an association manifesting the highest human values and expressed his conviction that SGI's efforts will lead to society's peace and security. Mr. Lee commended the SGI students for their enthusiastic dedication and for being good role models for schoolchildren. On July 1, Guning Elementary School presented SGI President Daisaku Ikeda with a "Light of Human Education" award for his contributions to children's education.

From July 16-30, Kinmen County and SGI-Taiwan cosponsored an exhibition of Li Chi-Mao's art and Daisaku Ikeda's photography, as well as a charity concert on July 16. During the concert, Mr. Ikeda was commended for his leadership of the SGI that contributes to society. County Magistrate Lee Chu-feng entrusted an honorary citizenship for Mr. Ikeda to an SGI-Taiwan representative.