Back to listJul 12, 2006

Fongbin Elementary School, Taiwan, Hosts SGI-Taiwan Students' Soka Joy Summer Camp

Fongbin Elementary School students participate in dance exercises

On July 2 and 3, Fongbin Elementary School hosted the Soka Joy Summer Camp, an initiative of the SGI-Taiwan student division providing young people in rural areas with opportunities to participate in athletic events, chemistry workshops, dances, and other educational activities. On the final day, Township Magistrate Jhang Jin-de presented an honorary citizenship to SGI President Daisaku Ikeda in recognition of his contributions to peace, culture, education and the spirit of humanism. Magistrate Jhang lauded the Soka Joy Summer Camp, as the most successful educational program he had seen in his more than 30 years as an educator. He marveled at the avid enthusiasm with which the children participated in camp activities. An SGI-Taiwan representative accepted the honor on Mr. Ikeda's behalf.

Magistrate Jhang (left) entrusts honorary citizenship to an SGI-Taiwan representative (right)

On the same day, Fongbin Elementary awarded Mr. Ikeda a certificate of appreciation in recognition of the SGI-Taiwan youth's efforts. School Curriculum Coordinator Li Yang-yuan, school officials and local residents attended both ceremonies.

[Fongbin, a name that means "beautiful coastline," is a fishing community surrounded by mountains and the ocean in Hualien County, Taiwan's largest county. Located on the main island's eastern coast, Fongbin and its environs are rich in traditional cultures, influenced by indigenous peoples such as the Ami and Kavalan.]