Back to listJul 9, 2006

SGI-Taiwan Sponsors Second Summer Camp at Maolin Elementary School in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan; SGI President Honored

SGI-Taiwan students in yellow t-shirts and schoolchildren at Maolin Elementary School

At the beginning of July, SGI-Taiwan sponsored a three-day Soka Joy Summer Camp at the Maolin Elementary School in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan. This was the second year for the camp that had its beginnings in July 2005, in the wake of Typhoon Haitang that severely damaged the school. SGI-Taiwan students volunteered their time to join in repair efforts and also sponsored a summer camp to encourage the children, which included athletic events, chemistry workshops, dances and games.

On July 3 during this year's camp, the Township of Maolin, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, presented SGI President Ikeda with honorary citizenship in recognition of his leadership of the SGI and in appreciation for SGI-Taiwan's contributions to the local community. While Maolin Elementary School Principal Fan Jhih-cin looked on, Maolin Township Magistrate Jhan Jhong-yi entrusted a certificate, along with traditional garments and pottery crafted by the indigenous Lukai people, to SGI-Taiwan Vice General Director Wu Da-he, who accepted the items on Mr. Ikeda's behalf. Magistrate Jhan lauded the SGI President for promoting humanism and the sanctity of life and for inspiriting the Maolin citizens with courage and resolve to rebuild their lives following the typhoon disaster. He also praised the SGI members for demonstrating selflessness and compassion in society.