Back to listApr 18, 2005

SGI-Bolivia Hosts Educational Seminar

Educational seminar on Tsunesaburo Makiguchi's pedagogy

On April 10, SGI-Bolivia hosted an educational seminar on the pedagogy of first Soka Gakkai president and educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, at a school in Peroto, San Andrés City, Marban Province, Beni State, Bolivia. At the seminar, an SGI-Bolivia young women's representative introduced the SGI's peace activities and a young men's representative recited a poem by Chilean poet and Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature Pablo Neruda. An SGI-Bolivia women's division representative introduced Mr. Makiguchi's educational philosophy as well as SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's ideals, that underscore the urgent need for a paradigm shift from looking at "education for society's sake" to building "a society conducive to education." The school was named after Genaro Gutierrez Pereyra, an educator who lived in Peroto some 70 years ago. Mr. Pereyra gave rice, soy beans and corn to children of poor families, even when he wasn't receiving a salary. Many local teachers attended the seminar.

An SGI-Bolivia representatives holding Mr. Ikeda's award

On the same day, local Bolivia-SGI members donated stationery, which they voluntarily collected, to children in Peroto. SGI-Bolivia youth held a tree planting in one of the town's main parks.

In recognition of the SGI-Bolivia's community-based activities and Mr. Ikeda's contributions for world peace, Peroto Town appointed Mr. Ikeda a "Guest of Supreme Honor." The conferral took place following the seminar.