Back to listJan 11, 2005

Boston Research Center Publishes New Book on Education

BRC's Educating Citizens for Global Awareness

Columbia University's Teachers College Press recently released Educating Citizens for Global Awareness, a new book of the SGI-affiliated Boston Research Center for the 21st Century (BRC). Dr. Nel Noddings, professor emerita of child education from Stanford University, was the book's chief editor.

Educating students about their roles as "global citizens" is a challenge that has taken on increasing importance in recent years. In the book, which is BRC's first book in the field of education, prominent educators address global citizenship--what it means and how it should shape curriculum and teaching in classrooms. The contents include: Gender Perspectives on Educating for Global Citizenship; The Integration of Conflict Resolution into the High School Curriculum: The Example of Workable Peace; Place-based Education to Preserve the Earth and its People; Differing Concepts of Citizenship: Schools and Communities as Sites of Civic Development; Incorporating Internationalism into the Social Studies Curriculum; A Letter To Secondary Teachers: Teaching About Religious Pluralism in the Public Schools; and A Changing Vision of Education.