• Dec 29

    Soka Gakkai Education Department Visits China

  • Dec 12

    Singapore Soka Association Hosts Lecture on Importance of Literature

  • Dec 7

    Dewey Scholar Lectures at SGI-USA New York Culture Center

  • Oct 30

    Educators Discuss Applying Humanistic Education

  • Oct 25

    Singapore Soka Association Youth Form Bonds of Friendship in China

  • Oct 22

    SGI-UK's Education Division Discusses Humanistic Education

  • Oct 2

    Supporting World Mental Health Day

  • Aug 13

    SGI-Canada Members Support Youth Leadership Camps

  • Jul 23

    SGI Representative Speaks on Peace and Dialogue at New Zealand Counselors Gathering

  • Jul 17

    Taiwan Soka Association Organizes Educational Summer Camps

  • Jul 2

    Soka International Women’s Center Hosts Seminar on Communicating with Children

  • Jun 25

    Health and Beauty Fair in Panama

  • Jun 13

    Taiwan Soka Association Delegation Participates in Education Forum in China

  • Jun 5

    Soka Gakkai Education Department Commemorates Makiguchi's Birth

  • Jun 3

    Ikeda Center Seminar Explores Ideas on the Role of Education

  • May 7

    SGI-USA Organizes Community Health and Wellness Fair in Las Vegas

  • Apr 6

    Children’s Animation Series Airs in Bolivia

  • Mar 26

    Soka Education Explored at Parker School Symposium

  • Mar 4

    SGI Promotes Empowerment at the UN Commission on the Status of Women