• Nov 28

    Lecture on Mind-Body Connection and Medicine Held in Malaysia

  • Nov 14

    Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue Holds Forum

  • Oct 31

    SGI-UK Educators Gather for Annual Meeting

  • Oct 26

    Singapore Soka Association Youth Participate in Educational Project in Mainland China

  • Oct 18

    Forums on Humanistic Education Held in Japan

  • Aug 29

    SGI-Chile Youth Hold Seminar on Science and Buddhism

  • Aug 27

    SGI-Bolivia Hosts Education Seminars

  • Jul 2

    Taiwan Soka Association Sponsors Summer Camp

  • Jun 6

    Taiwan Soka Association Hosts Lecture on Value-creating Pedagogy

  • May 31

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Conducts Educators' Seminar 2009

  • May 29

    Study Material for High School Students in Taiwan References SGI's Antinuclear Exhibition

  • Apr 4

    Santa Cruz State Board of Education, Bolivia, Confers Education Contribution Award

  • Mar 29

    Singapore Soka Association Supports Parent Education Program

  • Mar 8

    SGI-Brazil Holds Health Seminar and Art Festival for Peace in São Paulo

  • Feb 8

    SGI-Brazil Education and Culture Departments Meet Hold Meetings

  • Jan 31

    Peace Workshops Held at Schools in Delhi, India