• Dec 6

    Soka Gakkai Education Department Publishes Booklet

  • Dec 5

    SERTV Channel 11 in Panama Airs Animation Series

  • Nov 30

    SSA Promotes Health Awareness and Volunteerism

  • Oct 19

    SGI-Italy Donates Play Equipment for Public Park in Corsico, Italy

  • Oct 18

    Boston Research Center Hosts Lecture and Response on "Enjoying the Rhythm of Birth and Death"

  • Oct 4

    Youth Mentor Summit 2008 in Singapore

  • Sep 21

    Soka Gakkai Educators Gather for Annual Forum on Humanistic Education

  • Sep 20

    Boston Research Center's Fifth Ikeda Forum Explores Life and Death

  • Sep 18

    SGI-Bolivia and Nur University Cohost a Class on Buddhism

  • Jul 29

    Indian Council of Gandhian Studies Chairman Speaks at Fourth SSA Student Peace Lecture

  • Jul 4

    SGI-Taiwan Sponsors Two Summer Camps at Rural Elementary Schools

  • Jul 1

    SGI-Nicaragua Youth Celebrate "Day of the Teacher" with Community Activism

  • Jun 30

    Peace Education Leader Speaks at SGI-USA Culture of Peace Lecture Series

  • Jun 7

    Soka Gakkai Opens Educational Counseling Center in Fukushima Prefecture

  • Apr 28

    Children's Animation Series Airs in India, Cambodia and Serbia

  • Apr 20

    Soka Gakkai Sponsors Public Awareness Lectures in Japan

  • Jan 26

    Sri Lanka National Public TV Airs Animated Adaptations of SGI President's Children's Books