Education | Jun 29 2006

Student Group at Teachers College, Columbia University, Hosts Symposium on the Humanistic Educational Theories of John Dewey and Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

On June 16, Buddhism for Global Peace, a student group at Columbia University, in collaboration with the SGI-USA Education Division, sponsored a symposium on "Humanistic Education: Theory into Practice--John Dewey and Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. The event commemorated the tenth anniversary of SGI President Ikeda's speech at Teachers College, "Thoughts on Education ... read more

Education | Jun 7 2006

Soka Gakkai Education Department Hosts Lecture by Former Thoreau Society President Ronald A. Bosco

On June 6, 2006, commemorating the 135th anniversary of the birth of educator and first Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944), the Soka Gakkai Education Department hosted a public lecture at the Josei Toda International Center in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. The speaker was Ronald A. Bosco, former president of the ... read more

Education | Jun 1 2006

SGI-Australia Women Host Seminar for Parents of Children with Learning and Attentional Disorders

SGI-Australia women hosted a seminar focusing on children's mental health and education, inviting Michele Toner from the Learning and Attentional Disorders Society (LADS) to talk about how mothers can cope with children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). SGI-Australia Women's Division Advisor Kyoko Imaya shared the ideals of Nichiren ... read more

Education | May 10 2006

Soka Gakkai Youth Peace Conference Hosts Lecture by Bestselling Author Kayoko Ikeda

On the evening of May 9, 2006, some 150 youth attended a lecture by writer and translator of German literature Kayoko Ikeda, at the Josei Toda International Center in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. Soka Gakkai Youth Peace Conference hosted the event as a part of its youth lecture series. Ms. Ikeda ... read more

Education | Apr 15 2006

Boston Research Center for the 21st Century Pays Tribute to Four Educators at 2006 AERA Symposium

On April 10, the Boston Research Center (BRC) hosted an international symposium entitled "Four Enduring Philosophies of Education and the Challenges Facing Teachers Today" during the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the foremost international organization for advancing educational research. This year's gathering, which attracted researchers from ... read more

Education | Apr 9 2006

New Zealand's Raukawa Trust Commends Soka Schools Founder Daisaku Ikeda and Mrs. Ikeda for Contributions to Peace and Education

The Raukawa Trust Board, New Zealand, commended Soka Schools founder Daisaku Ikeda and Mrs. Kaneko Ikeda for their outstanding contributions to peace and education and presented them with honorific Maori titles "Kaumatua o Raukawa" (Maori Raukawa Great Wise Man) and "Kuia o Raukawa" (Maori Raukawa Great Wise Woman), together with ... read more

Education | Mar 14 2006

Panama Education Ministry Commends SGI President for Educational Contributions

The National Department of Private Education, Ministry of Education, Panama, recently commended SGI President Daisaku Ikeda for his educational contributions. The conferral took place on February 17, 2006, at Antigua Bilingual Academy in Panama City, during a seminar on Soka Education and the pedagogy of first Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo ... read more

Education | Feb 4 2006

The Mahatma Gandhi People's Welfare Trust, India, Confers Ramachandran-Ikeda Award

The Mahatma Gandhi People's Welfare Trust recently conferred its fifth Ramachandran-Ikeda Award on Kerala Harijan Sevak Sangh, a welfare organization. The award, commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of Dr G. Ramachandran and the 75th year of Soka Gakkai's foundation, recognized Kerala Harijan Sevak Sangh's work in providing educational scholarships to ... read more

Education | Dec 11 2005

Coalition of California Black School Board Members and New Haven Unified School District, USA, Commend SGI and SGI President for Nonviolent Education

Morehouse College's "Gandhi, King, Ikeda (GKI): A Legacy of Building Peace," which introduces the human rights and peace activism of three 20th century leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda, has been touring schools in California, USA, as part of the Coalition of California Black School Board ... read more

Education | Nov 28 2005

Taiwan Ministry of Education Commends SGI-Taiwan for Sixth Time

The Taiwan Ministry of Education selected SGI-Taiwan as one of 32 organizations and individuals to receive its Excellent Community and Education Organization Awards. This prestigious honor is given annually to selected social, educational, cultural and religious organizations in Taiwan for outstanding contributions to advancing social education. This was SGI-Taiwan's sixth ... read more

Education | Nov 28 2005

SGI Children's Picture Book Exhibition Opens in Edmonton, Canada

On October 31-November 5, "Read Me a Story!," an exhibit showcasing children's storybooks and folk tales from around the world showed at the City Hall in Edmonton, Canada. The event was cosponsored by the United Nations Association in Canada-Edmonton Branch, Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace and SGI-Canada's Edmonton ... read more

Education | Nov 22 2005

San Diego County Board of Education, USA, Commends SGI President and Mrs. Ikeda

San Diego County Board of Education, California, USA, commended SGI President Daisaku Ikeda and Mrs. Kaneko Ikeda, for their educational contributions. The conferral took place on November 9 in San Diego, during the Board's regular meeting. SGI-USA Vice General Director Ian McIlraith received a certificate, on Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda's ... read more

Education | Nov 10 2005

John Dewey Society Former President Lectures at Soka Schools in Tokyo

On November 9, Dr. David T. Hansen, former president of the John Dewey Society and professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, visited Soka Schools in Kodaira City, Tokyo. Soka Schools students, teachers and staff welcomed Dr. Hansen. The schools' koto club members performed for him. Founded in 1935, the ... read more

Education | Oct 23 2005

Education Department to Sponsor Exhibition on Humanistic Education in November

Commemorating Soka Gakkai's 75th anniversary (November 18), the Soka Gakkai Education Department will sponsor "Radiant Children and Humanistic Education" (tentative translation), an exhibition on Soka Education, covering the educational philosophies of first and second Soka Gakkai presidents Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda, and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, who has made ... read more

Education | Oct 13 2005

Diadema Regional Education Board, Brazil, Recognizes SGI's Educational Contributions

Diadema Regional Education Board, Diadema City, São Paulo State, Brazil, supervises the curricula and programs of the city's public elementary through high schools. In Diadema, five out of 67 public schools have been implementing the Makiguchi Education Project, developed by the SGI-Brazil (BSGI) Education Division, based on the ideas of ... read more