• Dec 11

    Coalition of California Black School Board Members and New Haven Unified School District, USA, Commend SGI and SGI President for Nonviolent Education

  • Nov 28

    Taiwan Ministry of Education Commends SGI-Taiwan for Sixth Time

  • Nov 28

    SGI Children's Picture Book Exhibition Opens in Edmonton, Canada

  • Nov 22

    San Diego County Board of Education, USA, Commends SGI President and Mrs. Ikeda

  • Nov 10

    John Dewey Society Former President Lectures at Soka Schools in Tokyo

  • Oct 23

    Education Department to Sponsor Exhibition on Humanistic Education in November

  • Oct 13

    Diadema Regional Education Board, Brazil, Recognizes SGI's Educational Contributions

  • Sep 20

    Soka Gakkai Educators in Hokkaido Exchange Reports on Applying Humanistic Education

  • Sep 9

    Kyochikuto no natsu, Produced by Shinano Films, Recognized by Japanese Ministry of Education

  • Aug 18

    Two Taiwanese Elementary Schools Commend SGI's Educational and Humanitarian Activities

  • Aug 3

    Soka Gakkai Donates Books to Library in Mongolia

  • Jun 23

    SGI-USA Educators and Students at Columbia University Cohost Symposium

  • Jun 6

    Himeji Dokkyo University Law Department Dean Speaks at Soka Gakkai Education Department Commemorative Lecture

  • Jun 4

    Kinokuniya Publishes Video and DVD on Educator and First Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

  • May 25

    Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, Holds Historic First Commencement

  • May 22

    Dewey Expert Dr. Larry A. Hickman Speaks on Dewey's Educational Philosophy

  • Apr 27

    Boston Research Center for the 21st Century's Book on Education Introduced at American Education Research Association's Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada

  • Apr 18

    SGI-Bolivia Hosts Educational Seminar

  • Mar 15

    Soka Gakkai Opens Educational Counseling Center in Ehime Prefecture

  • Mar 8

    Bolivian Cities Recognize SGI-Bolivia Youth's Social Activism

  • Feb 15

    Soka Gakkai Education Department Hosts Lecture by Future President of the Newly Established Tokyo Metropolitan University

  • Feb 12

    Toda Institute Hosts Conference on "Universities of the Future" in Hawaii

  • Jan 11

    Boston Research Center Publishes New Book on Education

  • Jan 11

    Center for Dewey Studies Director Dr. Larry A. Hickman Lectures on "John Dewey and Soka Education" in Los Angeles, USA

  • Jan 6

    SGI-Brazil Education Department Holds Commencement Ceremony for Literacy Program Graduates