Back to listNov 19, 2012

SGI Affiliate Brings Korean Performance Troupe to Taiwan

Kaohsiung CityPerforming in Kaohsiung City

The Chin-Shuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, an affiliate of Taiwan Soka Association (TSA), hosted the Seoul Performing Arts Company on a musical tour across Taiwan from November 10 to 19.

The performance series was titled "The Splendor of Traditional Korean Culture." It featured Korean folk songs and dances ranging from a traditional harvest prayer called "A Game of Four Instruments"--in which a simple sound play between two gongs and two drums expressed a vast range of human emotion--to "Music from the Farming Masses."

TaipeiThe troupe greets audience members after their show in Taipei

The troupe performed to full house audiences in the Yuanlin Township of Changhua County, Hsinchu City, Kaohsiung City and Taipei.

The Chin-Shuan Cultural and Educational Foundation was established by Taiwan Soka Association (TSA) in 1988 to promote international cultural exchange in Taiwan.

[Adapted from an article in the November 30, 2012, issue of Harmony Press, Taiwan Soka Association (TSA); photos courtesy of TSA]