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SGI-Australia Hosts Cuban Art Exhibition

Arte de CubaThe “Arte de Cuba” exhibition at the SGIA Culture Center

On May 25, the exhibition "Arte de Cuba: Celebrating the Spirit of Cuba" showcasing Cuban artists from around the world, opened at the SGI-Australia (SGIA) Culture Centre in Sydney. The exhibition, which was shown until June 8, was jointly organized by the Cuban Embassy and SGIA.

Around 320 people attended the opening, including representatives of the New South Wales Government, the Australia Cuba Friendship Society and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan of Australia. At the opening, Pedro Monzón, Cuban Ambassador to Australia, gave a lecture entitled "Towards a Peaceful World: Cuba and Daisaku Ikeda's 2012 Peace Proposal." Ambassador Monzón highlighted Mr. Ikeda's call for international cooperation in the face of natural disasters and the abolition of nuclear weapons. He also introduced Cuba’s healthcare system and the “Yes, I can” literacy program currently being run by the Cuban government in some rural areas in Australia.

Cuban trio TrovasónA music performance by the Cuban trio Trovasón

The opening included a music performance by the Cuban trio TrovaSon and the screening of a documentary depicting Cuba’s record of international humanitarian contribution and the development of Cuban art post-revolution.

The exhibition included 29 paintings and prints by Cuban artists living in and outside the country, music and documentary films. Notable artists in the show were Adigio Benítez, Héctor Frank, Zaida del Río, Nelson Domínguez and Gilberto Frómeta, among other prominent figures.

Ambassador Monzón was present during the 1996 visit to Cuba by Mr. Ikeda during which he held a dialogue with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Australia; photos courtesy of Atsushi Kurosawa]