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Singapore Soka Association Holds "Friendship for Peace" Concerts

Mr. Antonio Vargas and flamenco dancers Mr. Antonio Vargas (left) and flamenco dancers

On April 30, Singapore Soka Association (SSA) held the first of a two-concert series which is part of SSA's ongoing "Friendship for Peace" concerts. The event took place at the SSA Ikeda Culture Auditorium and featured a variety of dance performances by SSA's Peony Dance Group, Soka Youth Dance Crew and the Golden Lion Dance Troupe. Guest performances were given by members of the Dance Ensemble Singapore (DES), a nonprofit organization founded by Yan Choong Lian, as well as by the internationally-acclaimed flamenco dancer, choreographer and Golden Globe Award winner, Antonio Vargas and his group of musicians and dancers.

On May 14, trumpeter and Grammy Award winner Shunzo Ohno performed in the second of the concert series.

Mr. Ohno performed a range of pieces including "First Step," which he was inspired to write when his daughter first started walking.

Dance Ensemble Singapore Dance Ensemble Singapore

[Adapted from articles in May 18 and June 1, 2011, issues of the SSA Times; photos courtesy of Singapore Soka Association]