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SGI-Nepal Holds Third Culture Festival

SGI-Nepal members perform a skit in KathmanduSGI-Nepal members perform a skit

SGI-Nepal held its third Culture Festival on May 17, at the Rashtriya Nach Ghar, a culture hall in Kathmandu. The festival, which involved five months of preparation by 170 stage performers and a team of 55 behind-the-scenes support staff, drew an audience of 1,000--some 600 more people than in 2008.

A skit based on the Buddhist story of Angulimala--a ruthless murderer who encountered Shakyamuni Buddha and was redeemed after converting to Buddhism--was cited as an example of the inherent universal capacity for transformation or Buddhahood within each individual. There were also choral performances and folk and contemporary dances.

Members of all different ages participated in the Culture Festival. Guests included R.K. Manandhar, president of Nepal's Professional National Photographic Society; P.L. Singh, former minister for physical planning; Yagya Adhikari, chairman of the Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies; and former aide-de-camp to the late King Birendra, Tika Dhamala.

[Adapted from an article in August 2011 issue of the Value Creation, Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG); photo courtesy of BSG]