Back to listMay 6, 2011

SGI-Hong Kong Holds Erhu Music Appreciation Seminar

Professor Wang Guotong and Mr. Wang Hui Professor Wang Guotong (right) and Mr. Wang Hui (left) performing together on stage

On May 6, erhu master Wang Guotong was invited by SGI-Hong Kong to give a talk at the SGI-Hong Kong Culture Centre as part of the center's series of culture seminars. Professor Wang spoke about the history and characteristics of the erhu--a two-stringed instrument--as well as on how to appreciate its music. The erhu has a history of more than a thousand years and is one of the most prominent musical instruments in classical Chinese music.

In his talk, Professor Wang covered the origin of classical Chinese music as well as the history and development of the family of instruments called huqin, two-stringed Chinese fiddles, to which the erhu belongs.

Professor Wang performed several well-known pieces on the erhu, including original compositions. He also performed a duet with his son, Wang Hui, who played two solo pieces.

Professor Wang is the chairman of the Hong Kong Erhu Arts Center and is currently a visiting professor at the Central Conservatory of Music in China.

[Adapted from an article in the June 6, 2011, issue of the Li Ming Shen Bao, SGI-Hong Kong; photo courtesy of SGI-Hong Kong]