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Exhibition on Life and Work of Chinese Writer Xie Bingxin Opens in Taiwan

Visitors to the exhibition Visitors to the exhibition

An exhibition showcasing the life and works of renowned Chinese writer Xie Bingxin (1900-99) opened at Taiwan Soka Association's Zhi Shan Culture Center in Taipei on March 12. The month-long event, entitled "Love, the Source of Everything: The Life and Works of Bingxin," was jointly organized by Taiwan Soka Association and the Bingxin Literary Museum (BLM) of Fujian Province, China. The Executive Yuan of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, Deputy Minister Liu Te-shun, renowned Taiwanese artist Li Chi-mao and BLM's director Wang Bingkun officiated at the exhibition's opening.

Bingxin is recognized as one of the most important contemporary writers of China. Her works, the bulk of which are devoted to educating and encouraging children and youth, are widely read in Chinese-speaking regions and communities around the world. Her love for children, youth and humanity in general is readily evident in her writings and is one of the reasons that she is an enduring figure in the hearts of her readers.

Dr. Wang Bingkun giving a lecture Dr. Wang lectures on Bingxin’s writings for children

Bingxin and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda met twice during April 1980, in Shizuoka, Japan, and in Beijing, China. In September 2004, BLM named Mr. Ikeda its honorary director, and Mrs. Ikeda was accorded the title Goodwill Ambassador.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Taiwan Soka Association organized a public lecture and invited Tainan University of Technology Professor Wang Wan-ching and Dr. Wang Bingkun of BLM to speak on Bingxin's literature for children.



[Adapted from an article in the March 29, 2011 issue of The Harmony Press, Taiwan Soka Association (TSA); photos courtesy of TSA]