Back to listMay 30, 2010

SGI-USA Members Take Part in Parade in San Francisco, California

From May 29-30, 2010, behind a banner which read "Waves of Brilliant Sunshine," more than 40 SGI-USA San Francisco members danced and drummed down San Francisco's Mission Street to the beat of the samba at the 2010 Carnival Festival and Grand Parade.

The two-day event, which bills itself as California's largest multicultural celebration, draws 400,000 spectators annually. Throughout the celebration, hundreds of passersby learned about the SGI through viewing the SGI-USA Victory Over Violence (VOV) exhibition on display during the festival. [VOV is a youth-sponsored initiative that helps young people identify and begin to counteract the root causes of violence in their own lives and in their communities.]

SGI members passed out VOV bookmarks and information about the SGI's peace, culture and education activities. A chorus of local members also performed Latin American and African songs.


[Adapted from an article in the June 25, 2010, issue of the World Tribune, SGI-USA]