Back to listMar 24, 2010

Taiwan Soka Assoc. Donates Books to Taiwan Council of Cultural Affairs



On March 24, 2010, Taiwan Soka Association (TSA) representatives received a certificate of appreciation from the Taiwan Council of Cultural Affairs for donating to the council 600 copies of the book, The Official Fine Arts Exhibition in Taiwan (1927-1943) during the Japanese Occupation.

The Arts and Literature Center Committee of TSA compiled a special collection based on the 16 catalogues of the annual art exhibitions held during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan under the names of the Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibitions (1927-1936) and the Taiwan Governor's Fine Arts Exhibition (1938-1943). This collection was compiled during TSA's planning for the exhibition series "Searching for the Roots of Culture—Constructing the Centennial History of Taiwanese Arts."

The books were presented to the council at a press conference held on March 24, and are representative of TSA's desire to promote conservation of art history.

At the press event, Taiwan Council of Cultural Affairs Minister Emile Chih-jen Sheng presented a certificate of appreciation to TSA for its contribution. Guests included TSA General Director Lin Chao; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Director Huang Tsai-lang; National Cheng Kung University Associate Professor Hsiao Chong-ray; and Lin Po-ting, former vice director of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.


[Adapted from a report from Taiwan Soka Association (TSA); photo courtesy of TSA]