Back to listFeb 1, 2009

Poetry, Music and Painting at SGI-Canada Montreal Culture Center

On February 1, 2009, SGI-Canada Sud-Ouest Chapter organized a poetry, music and painting event during their monthly world peace prayer meeting at the SGI-Canada Montreal Culture Center. Following the sutra recitation and prayers for peace, two members shared how their daily practice of Nichiren Buddhism had positively impacted their lives. Next, accompanied by guitar, several people read a poem by Victor Hugo that expresses the importance of love in challenging life's problems. Concurrently, a group of artists--three adults and two children--painted on a prepared, five feet by five feet canvas for the audience, creating a colorful work symbolizing harmony and festivity.

090201x_canada_paint.jpg From left: artist Madani Tall, local SGI leaders Rosanna Cotunni and Paul Sarrasin, artists Sekai Sekai, Denise Martel, Eugene Abrams and Émile Abrams

[Adapted from an article in the March 2009 Issue of SGI Canada Online News, SGI-Canada; photo courtesy of SGI-Canada]