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Soka Gakkai Kansai 21st Century Symphony Orchestra Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Sino-Japan Relations

On July 27, 2007, the Soka Gakkai Kansai 21st Century Symphony Orchestra held a concert commemorating the 35th anniversary of the normalization of Sino-Japanese bilateral relations at the Osaka Central Public Hall in Nakanoshima and the 50th anniversary of a historic Soka Gakkai gathering held in the same hall on July 17, 1957. Guest performers Chinese tenor Wei Song, vice president of Shanghai Opera House, and Japanese soprano Naoko Matsui performed arias from the opera Turandot and other numbers. During the second half, the orchestra performed Soka Gakkai songs such as "Ever-Victorious Skies" and "Song of Kosen-rufu." The Kansai 21st Century Symphony Orchestra debuted on January 16, 1995, the day before the devastating Great Hanshin Earthquake. Since then, the current orchestra, consisting of professional and semi-professional musicians, not all Soka Gakkai members, has continued to give goodwill concerts, in particular commemorating the anniversary of the quake.


[Adapted from an article in the July 28, 2007 issue of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]