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SGI Taiwan Cultural Foundation Sponsors Four-City Tour in Taiwan of World Class Tango Musicians and Dancers


From March 9 to March 18, 2007, the Taiwan cities of Keelung, Chungli, Taichung, and Kaohsiung were venues for the world-acclaimed Argentine tango maestra Erica Di Salvo, her orchestra and world acclaimed tango artists "Diane & Carlos," "Gisela & Gasper," and "Soledad & Sergio." The Chin-Shuan Cultural and Educational Foundation, established by SGI-Taiwan, invited the artists to perform for seven public performances.

Guests of honor for the performances in Kaohsiung and Chungli included former Mayor of Tainan City Zhang Can Luan, President of National Kaohsiung Normal University Tai Chia-Nan, Chairman of Chen Cheng-po Cultural and Educational Foundation Chen Zhong Guang, together with other county and city officials, artists and academics. Many of the guests expressed their appreciation to the Chin-Shuan Cultural and Educational Foundation for making high caliber performances accessible to the Taiwanese public. They also acknowledged that the foundation's efforts have promoted cultural development and expanded Taiwanese citizens' global vision.

SGI Taiwan established the Chin-Shuan Cultural and Educational Foundation in 1988. Beginning in 2001, the foundation has sponsored more than twenty tango performances. Along with the world acclaimed artists, the foundation also conducted introductory sessions throughout the nation to acquaint the public with the history and artistry of tango. As a result, tens of thousands have attended and enjoyed the world class performances. In its efforts to promote international Cultural Activitiess, the foundation has also sponsored tours of renowned musicians such as jazz flautist Nestor Torres, Alberto Shiroma and his Latin band, Diamantes, Japanese classical and folk dance troupes and Japanese enka--popular blues ballad--artists.

[Adapted from an article in the March 21, 2007 issue of Harmony News, SGI-Taiwan]