Back to listNov 26, 2006

Thai-Japan Performing Arts Collaboration in Tokyo Commemorates 60th Anniversary of Thai King's Coronation

"Hagoromo" and "Manorah", celestial maidens of ancient Japanese and Thai myths

On November 25, "A Rainbow of Dance Part 9: A Tale of Two Cities," a blending of traditional Japanese and Thai performing arts, commemorating the 60th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne, was held at the Tokyo International Forum, Chiyoda, Tokyo. The event was sponsored and organized by the Min-On Concert Association (Min-On) and the NPO Japan-Asia Fine Arts Association, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Department of the Thai Ministry of Culture, with support from the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo. The show highlighted Japan's "Hagoromo" and Thailand's "Manorah", dances featuring celestial maidens, a common theme running through myths and legends of many Asian countries. The Kayoko Akimoto Thai Dance Troupe and dancers from the Thai Fine Arts Department presented a synergystic blending of two distinct cultures. Suvidhya Simaskul, Thai Ambassador to Tokyo, was among the invited guests.

On November 24, the Fine Arts Department of Thailand's Ministry of Culture commended Daisaku Ikeda, Min-On founder and SGI president, for his support of the collaborative effort and his longstanding commitment, through Min-On, to fostering friendship between the people of Thailand and Japan.