Back to listOct 27, 2006

Seafarers' Photography Exhibition Opens in Tianjin, China

Visitors to the seafarers' exhibition

"Beyond the Horizon," an exhibition of photographs taken by the "Hato-kai," a group of SGI men's and young men's division members involved in maritime occupations, opened at the Tianjin University of Technology (TJUT) in Tianjin, China. The exhibition, shown from October 23 through 25, was cosponsored by TJUT, Tianjin Institute of Navigation, and Hato-kai.

In addition to around 50 photographs taken by "seafarers of the seven seas," the exhibition included some 40 photographs by Chinese sailors and ten photographs from SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's "Dialogue with Nature" collection.

Many Tianjin citizens, beginning with TJUT students, visited the show. Lei Kejian, chairman of that university council, remarked that the photography exhibition was extremely meaningful for China-Japan friendship. He felt students who viewed the photographs were greatly inspired.

"A Crown of Fruits," Bali, Indonesia (by Hisao Tanaka)
"Looming Icebergs," Alaska, USA (by Osamu Abe)

Since 1987, the Hato-kai exhibition has been shown at 37 venues in Japan as well as toured the world, with an aim of conveying the heartbeat of the earth and the spirit of world peace through the day-to-day inspiration of men traveling the seven seas. The Tianjin show marked the 20th overseas venue. The show has also traveled to Russia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Norway, Mongolia and Indonesia.