Back to listSep 17, 2006

Chinese Literary Association Honors SGI President

Chaozhou Vice Mayor Federation of Literary and Art Circles

The Chaozhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Chaozhou City, China, presented SGI President Daisaku Ikeda with its Literature and Arts Contribution Award for his efforts to strengthen world peace and Sino-Japanese friendship and his contributions to the advancement of culture and education in Chaozhou. On September 16, Chaozhou Vice Mayor Zeng Xiaohong and other city representatives visited the Seikyo Press building and entrusted the award to SGI Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda, who accepted it on his father's behalf. Two elementary schools were built in the city with Mr. Ikeda's educational support. Chaozhou also hosted "Dialogue with Nature," a photography exhibit of photos Mr. Ikeda took during his trips in Japan and abroad. Accompanying Vice Mayor Zeng were Xiao Yuqin of the Chaozhou Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chen Xiaoli, secretariat of the Chaozhou administrative government.

[Chaozhou, which lies in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, boasts a 1,600-year history. The city is renowned for its many historic relics and master craftsmen versed in drawing, embroidery, and woodcarving. One notable historic site is Kaiyuan Temple built in the Tang (T'ang) dynasty (618-907) to house Buddhist scriptures.]