Back to listSep 4, 2006

Argentina's National Tango Academy Honors Min-On Founder

Tango virtuosos Osvaldo Francisco Requena (on the piano) and Fernando Suárez Paz (on the violin) perform a soul-stirring duet

La Academia Nacional del Tango (LANT) (The National Tango Academy) of Argentina recently honored Min-On Concert Association founder and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda by naming him the academy's first honorary ambassador. The conferral ceremony took place on August 29 at the LANT facility in Buenos Aires. Some 100 SGI-Argentina members and guests, including Academy President Horacio Ferrer and other leading tango artists such as Maestro Mariano Martinez Mores and Lidia Pugliese, wife of the late tango Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese, attended. Mr. Ikeda was also presented with a certificate of appreciation from the academy for his longstanding support of Argentinean tango and efforts to introduce the art to the Japanese audience through Min-On-sponsored tours. LANT was established in 1989 for research and preservation of the tango, Argentina's important cultural asset. Every year since 1970, the Min-On has invited the world's leading tango artists to tour Japan. The number of shows has exceeded 2,000, and over 3 million have had the opportunity to enjoy the electric energy and passion of Argentinean tango.

At the conferral, renowned pianist Osvaldo Francisco Requena and violinist Fernando Suárez Paz, both LANT members, performed a duet. The Erica di Salvo Orchestra also presented magnificent tango music.

In his speech, Academy President Ferrer lauded Mr. Ikeda for bridging cultural divides throughout the world through the sacred undertaking of cultural and educational exchanges. He said the honorary ambassadorship and the appreciation plaque represent the world citizens' applause and praise for Mr. Ikeda's ideals and vision for culture and the performing arts. Mr. Ferrer entrusted both citations to Min-On President Hiroyasu Kobayashi. In a message, Mr. Ikeda resolved to further contribute to strengthening friendship and exchanges between Argentina and Japan.

Academy President Ferrer (5th from left) entrusts certificates to Min-On President Kobayashi (7th from left, holding one of the certificates)

The ceremony concluded with performances by tango vocalist Maria José Mentana, who sang one of Mrs. Kaneko Ikeda's favorite Japanese songs, "No ni saku hana no yo ni" (Like Flowers Blooming in the Meadows), and classical guitarist Juanjo Domínguez, who performed "Mother," lyrics composed by Mr. Ikeda.