Back to listJun 28, 2006

Authority on Napoleonic History Lectures at Victor Hugo House of Literature

Dr. Petit speaks about the tenuous and volatile association shared by Victor Hugo and Napoleon III

On June 18, SGI-France hosted a lecture by Bernard Petit, former president of the Association du Souvenir Napoléonien and authority on Napoleonic history, at the Victor Hugo House of Literature in Bièvres, a suburb of Paris, France. Dr. Petit spoke on Victor Hugo and Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III), whose lives were intricately intertwined. Hugo supported Napoleon III after the latter's downfall and worked to restore his standing in the political arena. They eventually had a falling out and Victor Hugo became a political exile until Napoleon III's demise. Dr. Petit talked about Napoleon III's final fall from public gracel, Hugo's return to his home country and reentry into the political arena, as well as the significance of the political legacy left behind by Napoleon III. Many guests, including the former mayor of Bievre, attended the lecture. Following the lecture Prince Charles Marie Jérôme Victor Napoléonien held a book signing in the spacious, verdant inner garden.

Established in 1991 by the SGI with an aim to preserve and promulgate Victor Hugo's humanistic works and spirit, the museum has continued to acquire and preserve important memorabilia and documents, which are made available to the public. Over 200,000 have visited the Victor Hugo House of Literature during the past 15 years.