Back to listJun 8, 2006

China's National Peking Opera Theatre Launches Japan Tour

Scene from "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"

China's National Peking Opera Theatre launched its 2006 Japan tour at the Kanagawa Prefectual Civic Hall on June 6, performing famous scenes from "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." Most of the scenes center around Zhuge Liang (181 - 234 A.D.), the most popular statesman and strategic general in Chinese history. In "Battle of Red Cliffs" the armies of Shu and Wu Kingdoms join forces to defeat Wei's army. Other scenes include Liu Bei's three visits to Zhuge Liang inviting him to become his key advisor. The scene from "Battle of Wuzhang Plain" was newly created for the current show. [Established in 1955, the National Peking Opera Theatre is the only state-managed theatre for Peking opera. The first director of the theatre was renowned classical Chinese opera star Mei Lanfang (1894-1961). The opera troupe's performances have been well-received in China and abroad. This is the theatre's second Min-On sponsored Japan tour, following its first tour in 2002 viewed by some 120,000. Contact the Min-On ticket office in the respective areas for information on dates & times, venues, and tickets.]