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Min-On Concert Association's International Exchanges Grow to 93 Countries

Radzimichy Folklore Ensemble

During June and July 2006, the folklore ensemble Radzimichy of Belarus will tour 15 cities in Japan at the invitation of the Min-On Concert Association. Belarus marks the 93rd country with which Min-On has had Cultural Activitiess. The ensemble, named after an ancient tribe that inhabited regions of Belarus, had its creative beginnings in 1979. The group boasts an array of 30 young talents aged 5 to 30--singers, musicians, a vocal quartet, and a children's folklore group. The Lipsky family is the heart of the ensemble. Vladimir serves as art director, his wife Franceska, administrator and soloist, daughter Tatiana, choirmaster and music arranger, and daughter Natalia is Radzimichy's youngest singer. The Belarus folk ensemble's repertoire includes music and songs of other countries besides Belarus, and has been positively received in many countries near and far, such as Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg); Lithuania, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Canada. In the past 23 years, Radzimichy has given more than 1,000 concerts, was declared a three-time laureate of international festivals and twice won the Folk Instrument Contest held in South Korea. Radzimichy received the title, People's Ensemble, from Belarus in 1985.

Scene from "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"

China's National Peking Opera Theatre will also tour Japan from June through August, and is scheduled to perform famous scenes from "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," such as "Battle of Red Cliffs" in which the armies of Shu and Wu Kingdoms join forces to defeat Wei's army; and Liu Bei's three visits to Zhuge Liang inviting him to become his key advisor. The script for the "Battle of Wuzhang Plain" is newly written for the coming show. Established in 1955, the National Peking Opera Theatre is the only state-managed theatre for Peking opera. The first director of the theatre was renowned classical Chinese opera star Mei Lanfang (1894-1961). The opera troupe's performances have been well-received in China and abroad. This will be the theatre's second Min-On sponsored Japan tour, following its first tour in 2002 viewed by some 120,000.