Back to listApr 11, 2006

Chinese Friendship Delegation Visits Soka Gakkai's Okinawa Training Center

Chinese friendship delegation tours an exhibit at the Okinawa Training Center

On April 10, a delegation from the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, led by President Chen Haosu, visited Soka Gakkai's Okinawa Training Center and were welcomed by local members. There, the Chinese delegates toured the Okinawa World Peace Monument, which was built upon the site of a dismantled U.S. MACE B missile base. The colossal concrete mass measuring 100 meters by 9 meters, and with a wall 1.5 meters thick, was used as a launch pad for nuclear missiles targeted at China. Mr. Chen expressed admiration for Mr. Ikeda's idea to leave the site untouched as a perpetual reminder of the horrors of war and for the fact that many youth come to the center to study about peace.

"Zhou Cherry Tree Viewing"

On April 9, the annual "Zhou Cherry Tree Viewing" was held on the Soka University campus in Hachioji, Tokyo. This is a ceremony honoring the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and his wife, Deng Yingchao, in whose honor cherry trees were planted and dedicated in December 1974 and April 1979, respectively. Councilors Teng Anjin and Li Tongping of the Chinese Embassy, who both participated in the Zhou Cherry tree planting over 31 years ago as Soka University exchange students, were also present. Ms. Li remarked on her fond memories of the event, during which Chinese and Japanese students vowed to work together to build bridges of friendship between their two countries.