Back to listDec 14, 2005

Central China Normal University Former President Zhang Kaiyuan Receives Soka University's Honorary Doctorate

Professor Zhang (left) and Mr. Ikeda (right) discuss Sino-Japan friendship

On December 13, Professor Zhang Kaiyuan, renowned modern Chinese historian and former president of the Central China Normal University (CCNU), China, visited Soka University in Hachioji City, Tokyo. Soka University President Masami Wakae, Soka Women's College President Katsuhiko Fukushima and representative teachers and students welcomed Professor Zhang and the guests accompanying him. On the occasion, Professor Zhang received Soka University's honorary doctorate in recognition of his educational contributions.

Following the conferral, Professor Zhang met with Soka University founder Daisaku Ikeda at the Tokyo Makiguchi Memorial Hall in Hachioji, Tokyo. Professor Zhang is an expert of modern Chinese history, specializing in the study of Chinese Revolution (1911). The two discussed topics relating to history, humanity and education. Their ongoing dialogue will explore a new phase of Sino-Japan friendship and direction for humanity in the 21st century. CCNU President Ma Ming and Li Exian, dean of CCNU's Department of Japanese Language and Literature were also present.

Professor Zhang (center with honorary doctorate) flanked by Soka University faculty and administrators