Back to listAug 13, 2005

Singapore Soka Association Supports 40th Anniversary National Day Celebrations

On August 9, some 2,000 Singapore Soka Association (SSA) members participated in Singapore's 40th National Day events across the country. Some 25,000 residents attended the annual show at Singapore's National Stadium, which all of Singapore's television networks telecast live as well as on the Internet. The festivities were seen by 2 million viewers. The country's top leaders, including President S. R. Nathan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and cabinet members, attended the main event at Padang Field.

SSA participants display their colorful costumes

This marks SSA's 20th year supporting National Day events since the first invitation from the government in 1981. In a show depicting Singapore's milestones since it gained independence, SSA youth portrayed the nation's spirit to advance toward a rainbow-hued future. Around 1,000 SSA men and women created fantastic formations during "The Parade," under a crescent moon and a curtain of sparkling stars that appeared to celebrate the nation's birthday.

Parade Executive Chair Brigadier General Loh Wai Keong visited the SSA Headquarters and thanked the members for their participation. He said their efforts that showed dynamism and unity served as an exemplar for all.

Fireworks light up the night sky in the National Day celebrations' grand finale