Back to listMar 6, 2005

"Victor Hugo and the Romanticists" Exhibition Opens in Osaka

Ribbon-cutting for "Victor Hugo and the Romanticists" opening in Osaka

Following shows in Tokyo and Hokkaido, the "Victor Hugo and the Romanticists" exhibition opened at the Suntory Museum "Temposan," Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, on March 5. The exhibition features 400 items, including six national treasures of France, belonging to 25 world renowned museums. Highlighted are Hugo's indomitable struggles championing social justice, based on a deep love of humanity. The French writer's spiritual legacy is presented through original manuscripts, proof galleys, photographs, letters, and writing paraphernalia. Among the 350 guests were Consul General Laurent Padoux of the French Consulate in Kobe, Osaka Prefecture; Osaka Prefectural Governor Fusase Ota; Chair Akio Nomura of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and Professor Naoki Inagaki of Kyoto University Graduate School.

Professor Inagaki, an expert on Hugo's life, said the current exhibition, among the many being held around the world to commemorate the bicentennial of the writers' birth, is on a larger scale than most. "Victor Hugo and the Romanticists" displays excerpts and memorabilia that convey the French writer's deep philosophy. Professor Inagaki said Hugo teaches humanity the power of words for reforming society, and the importance of people around the world uniting in solidarity. In his greetings, Mr. Padoux stated that Hugo was a humanist who fought not only for the dignity of French nationals but all humankind, and expressed his hopes that visitors would come away with that realization.

[The exhibition in Osaka will run from March 5 through April 17, 2005. Museum hours: 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Closed Mondays, with the exceptions of March 21, 28 and April 4. Admission fee: adults--1,000 yen; high school and college students--700 yen; junior high and elementary school students, 500 yen; and seniors aged 60 or older--700 yen.]