• Dec 18

    Soka Drum and Bugle Corps Win Awards

  • Nov 12

    SSA Youth Dance for Unity

  • Nov 4

    SGI Youth Festival Held in Venezuela

  • Oct 19

    "Jamaica Rocks!" Tour of Japan Showcases Rich Musical Culture

  • Sep 11

    Open Day Held at SGI-Germany's Villa Sachsen Grand Culture Center

  • Sep 7

    SGI-Brazil Youth Celebrate Brazil's Independence Day

  • Aug 15

    Singapore Soka Association Performs in National Day Parade

  • Aug 14

    Seafarers' Photography Exhibition Shown at the "Hanse Sail Rostock" Festival

  • Jul 17

    SGI-Philippines Hosts Youth Friendship Culture Festival

  • Jul 15

    Works from Beijing Palace Museum Exhibited in Hokkaido

  • Jun 26

    SGI-New Zealand Brass Band Performs at Community Friendship Concert

  • Jun 26

    SGI-Austria Celebrates 30th Anniversary

  • Jun 19

    Soka Gakkai Indonesia Contributes to Cultural Activities

  • Jun 5

    Russian Folk Ensemble Tours Taiwan

  • May 22

    Taiwan Soka Association Holds Community Friendship Culture Festivals

  • May 17

    SGI-Nepal Holds Third Culture Festival

  • May 14

    Singapore Soka Association Holds "Friendship for Peace" Concerts

  • May 12

    Paying Tribute to Salvador Dali

  • May 6

    SGI-Hong Kong Holds Erhu Music Appreciation Seminar

  • Apr 1

    SGI-Panama Hosts Photo Contest

  • Mar 12

    Exhibition on Life and Work of Chinese Writer Xie Bingxin Opens in Taiwan

  • Mar 7

    SGI-Argentina Holds Culture Festival

  • Feb 12

    Singapore Soka Association Members Join Chinese New Year Parade

  • Jan 30

    Celebrating "The Transformative Power of Jazz" in Boston

  • Jan 30

    3, 500 SGI-Hong Kong Youth Perform in Culture Festival

  • Jan 23

    SGI-Macau Commemorates 20th anniversary of SGI President's Visit

  • Jan 22

    "Beethoven Festa" held at SGI-Austria Culture Center

  • Jan 15

    Collected Paintings of Liu Yu Shown at Taiwan Soka Association Headquarters

  • Jan 15

    Exhibition on Franz Liszt and the Romantic Era Shown at Min-On Concert Association

  • Jan 9

    "Boys and Girls Art of Hope Exhibition" Shown in Tokyo