Culture | Apr 13 2005

Soka Gakkai President Welcomes Delegates from Chinese Association for International Understanding

On April 12, Soka Gakkai President Einosuke Akiya welcomed Li Chengren, executive vice chairman of the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAIU), and representative members, at the Josei Toda International Center in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. CAIU aims to develop intercultural understanding, friendship and peace through exchanges with organizations and institutions ... read more

Culture | Apr 7 2005

Asia Peace and Arts Festival Comes to Japan

The Min-On Concert Association's third "Asia Peace and Arts Festival" opened April 6 at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Nakano Ward, Tokyo. Artists from China, Korea, Mongolia, Russia and Japan created a dynamic and vivid stage, expressing their respective histories, traditions and lifestyles through song, music and dance. Min-On ... read more

Culture | Apr 4 2005

All-China Youth Federation Delegates Meet with Soka Gakkai Youth from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Okinawa

On April 3, a delegation from the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF), led by Zhang Xuejun, vice chair of the Children's Work Committee, traveled to Hiroshima City, which is commemorating the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing (August 6, 1945). The ACYF delegates and Japanese Soka Gakkai youth representatives placed flowers ... read more

Culture | Apr 1 2005

Chinese Youth Delegates Receive Warm Welcome at Soka Gakkai Headquarters

On March 31, Chinese youth delegation members of the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF), in Japan at the invitation of the Soka Gakkai Youth Division, received a warm welcome from President Einosuke Akiya and youth representatives at the Soka Gakkai headquarters in Shinanomachi, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. The ACYF representatives, led by ... read more

Culture | Mar 31 2005

SGI-Thailand Commemorates SGI's 30th Anniversary with Youth Music Festival

On March 26 and 27, SGI-Thailand celebrated the SGI's 30th anniversary with a Youth Peace and Culture Festival at a stadium on the Thammasat University campus in a Bangkok suburb. Permanent Secretary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administrative Office Ms. Ying Nathanon Thavisin and other guests from various sectors of Thai ... read more

Culture | Mar 30 2005

Korean Musical Gambler Launches Japan Tour

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of normalization of Korean-Japan relations in 2005, the Min-On Concert Association invited the Seensee Musical Company, South Korea's largest musical production company, to bring its hit musical Gambler--The Golden Key to Japan for a two month engagement. During May and June, the company will perform in ... read more

Culture | Mar 29 2005

All-China Youth Federation Delegates Arrive in Japan

On March 28, a Chinese youth delegation, comprising members of the All-China Youth Federation, arrived in Japan at the invitation of the Soka Gakkai Youth Division. The group visited the Kansai Culture Center in Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, and received a warm welcome from local leaders and youth. The Kansai Boys ... read more

Culture | Mar 27 2005

Chinese Journalist Writes About Daisaku Ikeda's Contributions to Sino-Japan Friendship

Li Dean, a journalist formerly with Xinhua News, China's largest news agency, contributed an essay, "The Foresight of Daisaku Ikeda's Speech," for a book titled Forty Years As A Foreign Journalist in Japan. The Association for the Promotion of Journalistic Pursuits in China and Japan (working translation) published the book ... read more

Culture | Mar 25 2005

Soka Gakkai Malaysia and SGI-Thailand Contribute to Local Community through Art and Music

Malaysia: Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) organized and hosted the "Guo Xiyan and His Art of Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition," from February 27 to March 6. The exhibit featured over 100 artworks by Guo Xiyuan, an award-winning Chinese artist who serves as vice director of Shenzen University's College of Arts. Some ... read more

Culture | Mar 22 2005

"Boys and Girls Art of Hope Exhibit" Opens at Josei Toda International Center in Tokyo

The "Boys and Girls Art of Hope Exhibit" opened March 20 at the Josei Toda International Center in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo. The exhibit, showing through April 3, presents 70 drawings and paintings selected from among 35,000 submitted from throughout Japan and several other countries. Opening ceremonies included a performance by ... read more

Culture | Mar 10 2005

SGI-Taiwan Hosts "Asian Youth Friendship Musical Festival" in Sanchung City, Taiwan

On March 5, SGI-Taiwan hosted the "Asian Youth Friendship Musical Festival" in Sanchung City, Taipei Province, Taiwan, in collaboration with Sanchung City, Soka University and National Taiwan College of Arts. Some 2,000 Japanese and Taiwanese youth, their families and local residents attended. SGI-Taiwan's fife-and-drum corps, string orchestra and chorus group ... read more

Culture | Mar 6 2005

"Victor Hugo and the Romanticists" Exhibition Opens in Osaka

Following shows in Tokyo and Hokkaido, the "Victor Hugo and the Romanticists" exhibition opened at the Suntory Museum "Temposan," Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, on March 5. The exhibition features 400 items, including six national treasures of France, belonging to 25 world renowned museums. Highlighted are Hugo's indomitable struggles championing social ... read more

Culture | Feb 25 2005

SGI-Thailand's Melodies for Peace Chorus Performs on Thailand's National Television Program

On February 24, SGI-Thailand's Melodies for Peace chorus, consisting of women and young women, performed on a long-running, popular music show broadcast on a national TV station, Channel 11. Melodies for Peace presented a song that Thailand's renowned musicians composed for victims of the recent great Sumatra earthquake and tsunami. ... read more

Culture | Feb 12 2005

Toda Institute Hosts Conference on "Universities of the Future" in Hawaii

On February 4-6, the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, a Soka Gakkai-affiliated peace organization, hosted an international conference on "Universities of the Future: Globalization and Higher Education--Who Governs? For Whom?" in Honolulu, Hawaii, in cooperation with the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies (HRCFS) at the University ... read more

Culture | Feb 8 2005

Local Band El Cuarteto Helps SGI-Venezuela Celebrate SGI's 30th Anniversary

On January 28, SGI-Venezuela celebrated SGI's 30th anniversary with a special concert by El Cuarteto, a locally renowned traditional Venezuelan band at Aula Magna Hall on the Central University campus, Caracas. Over 1,200 people gathered for the concert, including government officials, academics and UN regional officers. Dr. Hector Navarro, professor ... read more