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  • Dec 27

    Impressionism Exhibition Shown at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

  • Dec 22

    SGI-Italy Hosts Interfaith Discussion on Religion's Role in Peacebuilding

  • Dec 21

    "Has Schooling Interfered with My Education?" Lecture Held in Singapore

  • Dec 16

    SGI-South Africa Holds Memorial Prayer Meetings for Mandela and Participates in Day of Reconciliation

  • Dec 12

    New Website Features Animated Children's Stories by SGI President

  • Dec 8

    Min-On Commemorates 50th Anniversary with Power of Music Symposium Series

  • Dec 8

    Soka Gakkai Headquarters Leaders Meeting Held in Okinawa

  • Dec 6

    SGI President's Comment on Passing of Former South African President Nelson Mandela

  • Dec 1

    Interfaith Conferences Held in France on Values Needed to Reform Economy

  • Nov 29

    SGI Participates in Events in Japan and Italy Calling for Abolition of the Death Penalty

  • Nov 26

    SGI-Philippines' Relief Efforts for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

  • Nov 18

    Opening of Soka Gakkai Headquarters Building Symbolizes Renewed Dedication to Peace

  • Nov 17

    First Tohoku Restoration Youth Speech Conference Held

  • Nov 17

    Lecture on Religious Leadership at SGI-New Zealand Commemorative Event

  • Nov 17

    SGI-Netherlands Holds Soka Peace Festival

  • Oct 27

    SGI-Canada Celebrates 20th Anniversary of SGI President's Visit

  • Oct 27

    Buddhist Study Exams Held in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand

  • Oct 17

    First Showing of Seeds of Hope in Argentina

  • Oct 16

    SGI-Korea Develops Friendship in Community Through Environment Protection Activities

  • Oct 13

    Brazil SGI Sponsors Seminar on Communication for Peace

  • Oct 11

    Seminars on Ikeda's 2013 Peace Proposal held in India, Panama and Guatemala

  • Oct 11

    Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra Performs at SGI-Venezuela Celebration

  • Oct 5

    SGI Members Plant Trees in Canada, Venezuela and the Philippines

  • Sep 29

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Month of Peace Activities

  • Sep 21

    Anti-nuclear Weapon Forums Held in USA, UK and Spain

  • Sep 15

    SGI Centers in Europe Open on European Heritage Days

  • Sep 10

    Taiwan Soka Association Awarded as Outstanding Religious Organization

  • Sep 9

    SGI Youth Training Course Held in Tokyo; Exchange Meetings in Kanagawa

  • Sep 8

    SGI-UK Members Support Night of Interfaith Music and Food at Jewish Museum in London

  • Sep 8

    TSA Co-organizes Cross-Strait Exhibition of Children's Paintings

  • Sep 8

    Soka Gakkai Marks 45th Anniversary of Ikeda's Proposal for Normalization of Sino-Japanese Relations

  • Sep 8

    Lectures and Launch of New Chinese Language Website Mark 45th Anniversary of Ikeda's Proposal for Normalization of Sino-Japanese Relations

  • Sep 6

    IOP and SGI Join Symposium on Buddhist Environmentalism at USC

  • Aug 28

    SGI-USA Culture of Peace Talk Commemorates 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

  • Aug 24

    SGI-Indonesia Holds Culture Festival Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day

  • Aug 18

    SGI-UK Hosts Conference on Role of Buddhist Philosophy in Transforming Conflict

  • Aug 18

    First SGI East Africa General Meeting Held in Kenya

  • Aug 16

    Commemorating Hiroshima Day: "Everything You Treasure" Anti-Nuclear Exhibition Shown in New Zealand

  • Aug 15

    Soka Gakkai Youth of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Okinawa Hold Annual Peace Summit

  • Aug 14

    Soka Gakkai Youth Delegation Visits China for Friendship Exchange

  • Aug 13

    Soka Gakkai Japan Youth Delegation Visits China for Friendship Exchange

  • Aug 11

    First SGI West Africa General Meeting Held in Ghana

  • Aug 11

    Singapore Soka Association Holds Family Fun Day and Fundraiser for Quake Victims

  • Jul 29

    SGI-Korea Youth Band Performs at International Junior Art Festival

  • Jul 20

    SGI-Philippines Youth Participate in Ramadan Forum

  • Jul 20

    SGI-South Africa Celebrates Mandela Day

  • Jul 16

    Taiwan Soka Association Participates in Education Forum and Youth Events in China

  • Jul 13

    "Seeds of Hope" Exhibition Shown in Venezuela and Chile

  • Jul 12

    Anti-nuclear Exhibition "Everything You Treasure" Shown at Ecumenical Centre in Geneva

  • Jul 7

    "One Kiss of the Eternal" Photography Exhibition Highlights Poverty and Dignity

  • Jul 7

    Taiwan Soka Association Hosts Annual Summer Camps for Children in Remote Areas

  • Jul 5

    SGI-Sweden Organizes Seminar on Nuclear Weapons and the Environment at Almedalen Week

  • Jul 2

    "Path to Dignity" Screened at Human Rights Education Conference in Russia

  • Jun 29

    SGI Meetings Held in Croatia and Russia

  • Jun 26

    SGI Joins Gathering of Faith-Based Groups on Development Effectiveness

  • Jun 16

    Hope in Action: SSA Students Hold Online Photo Documentary Challenge

  • Jun 15

    Taiwan Soka Association Brings Art to Schools and Cosponsors Capa Exhibition

  • Jun 9

    SGI Members in Taiwan, Spain, Singapore and Argentina Deepen Faith Through Study

  • Jun 8

    SGI-Spain Hosts Conference on Education

  • Jun 7

    SGI's Anti-nuclear Weapons Exhibition Shown in La Paz, Mexico

  • Jun 3

    SGI-USA Culture of Peace Lectures on Women and Human Security

  • Jun 2

    SGI-Brazil Co-organizes Hip Hop Benefit Concert

  • Jun 1

    SGI-Korea Students Show Peace Exhibition at 150 Universities

  • May 27

    SGI-Philippines Youth Present Donated School Supplies

  • May 26

    SGI-Indonesia Celebrates Women's Day

  • May 26

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Held in Sri Lanka

  • May 26

    SGI Youth in Eastern Europe Gather for Training Course in Vienna

  • May 22

    SGI-Canada Participates in Multifaith Dialogue on Adversity

  • May 15

    SGI-Spain Hosts Arts Festival

  • May 8

    SSA Hosts Talk on Depression: "The Happy You"

  • May 5

    SGI Members Around the World Celebrate May 3, Soka Gakkai Day

  • Apr 28

    SGM Celebrates Sustainable Development in April

  • Apr 28

    SGI-Cambodia Leaders Attend Leaders' Training Course in Bangkok

  • Apr 28

    SGI-Mexico Men Gather in Veracruz City

  • Apr 28

    Soka Gakkai Youth Hold Concerts in Fukushima

  • Apr 27

    760th Anniversary of the Establishment of Nichiren Buddhism Celebrated

  • Apr 25

    International Survey by SGI Youth Shows 91% Consider Nuclear Weapons Inhumane

  • Apr 23

    New Antinuclear Exhibition and Results of Survey Presented in Geneva

  • Apr 22

    SGI-Bolivia Hosts Culture of Peace Seminar

  • Apr 21

    SGI-Philippines Youth Host Earth Day Forum

  • Apr 14

    SGI 2013 Spring Training Course and Cultural Exchange Meetings Held

  • Apr 14

    SGI's Anti-nuclear Exhibition Debuts in Iceland

  • Apr 13

    Mongolia's Sky Melody Ensemble Tours Taiwan

  • Apr 7

    SGM Art and Cultural Exchange Aims to Deepen Malaysia-China Friendship

  • Apr 6

    Ikeda Center Hosts Seminar for Students on Dialogue

  • Mar 23

    Lecture on Lotus Sutra and Interfaith Symposium Held in Spain

  • Mar 20

    SGI-Italy Members Join Representatives of World Religions to Greet Pope Francis

  • Mar 17

    "Seeds of Hope" Exhibition Shown in Outaouais, Canada

  • Mar 16

    SGI-USA Youth Organize Peace Summit at Columbine High School

  • Mar 13

    Exhibition on Nuclear Disarmament and Human Security Opens in Bahrain

  • Mar 13

    SGI's Anti-nuclear Exhibition Opens in Bahrain

  • Mar 11

    Soka Gakkai Holds Tohoku Earthquake Memorial Services

  • Mar 9

    Districts in Canada and Japan Hold Exchange Meeting Via Live Link-up

  • Mar 8

    SGI-New Zealand Women Walk for Peace on International Women's Day

  • Mar 7

    SGI Participates in Events on Eliminating Violence against Women

  • Mar 5

    SGI Participates in Oslo Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

  • Mar 3

    Soka Gakkai Headquarters Leaders Meeting Held in Tohoku Region

  • Mar 3

    Youth Peace Culture Festival Held in Argentina

  • Mar 1

    Min-On Concert Association Hosts Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe Tour of Japan

  • Mar 1

    SGI-New Zealand Supports iChoose Anti-bullying Program in Auckland Schools

  • Feb 28

    SGI-Australia Hosts Lecture by Ela Gandhi

  • Feb 26

    Women's Peace Committee Hosts Lecture on "Women and Reconstruction"

  • Feb 25

    Commemorative Meetings Held Throughout Latin America

  • Feb 24

    SGI-Venezuela Holds Peacebuilders Workshop to Counter Rising Violence

  • Feb 17

    SGI-Brazil Women's Day Celebrated

  • Feb 14

    SGI-Gulf Hosts Poetry Symposium in Dubai

  • Feb 6

    SGI-USA Hosts Lecture by Scholar of African-American History in New York

  • Feb 6

    SGI-Spain Participates in Poetry Reading in Madrid

  • Feb 6

    Peace Education Videoconference Linking Spain and Japan

  • Feb 4

    Toda Institute Holds Conflict Resolution Workshops in Thailand and U.S.

  • Jan 30

    SGI Members in Latin America Gather for Study Training Course

  • Jan 28

    Buddhist Leader Issues Peace Proposal Calling for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Dialogue between China and Japan

  • Jan 27

    Education Counseling Training Course and Youth Friendship Exchange held in Taiwan

  • Jan 27

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Opens in Taiwan

  • Jan 22

    SGI-USA Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Promotes Nonviolence

  • Jan 20

    SGI-Philippines Holds Celebratory Culture Festival

  • Jan 17

    Memorial Services Held on Anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake

  • Jan 13

    SGI-Korea Appoints New General Director

  • Jan 13

    SGI-Europe Representatives Hold Summit Meeting

  • Jan 12

    SGI-Macau Sponsors Guangxi-Macau Art Exchange

  • Jan 12

    SGI-USA Cosponsors Guam's Latte Peace Festival

  • Jan 12

    Soka Gakkai Student Members in Tohoku Hold Second Symposium on Earthquake Recovery

  • Jan 6

    SGM Selangor Participates in Cleanup Campaign

  • Jan 6

    SGI-Hong Kong Members Join Fund-raising Walk

  • Jan 6

    SGI-Bolivia Holds Leaders Training Course

  • Jan 6

    New Soka Culture Center Opens in Tokyo

  • Jan 2

    SGI New Year's Prayer Meetings Held Worldwide