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  • Dec 20

    Soka Gakkai Japan Donates Books to Disaster-stricken Schools

  • Dec 17

    "Choose Life" Peace Symposiums Held in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata

  • Dec 16

    SGM Hosts International Calligraphy Exhibition and Convention

  • Dec 16

    SGI Buddhist Study Exams Held in Kenya, Denmark, Argentina and Malaysia

  • Dec 16

    New SGI Center Opens in Mexico

  • Dec 16

    Prayer Meeting Held for Victims of Connecticut School Shooting

  • Dec 12

    Human Rights Education Film Screened at UN Office in New York

  • Dec 8

    Singapore Soka Association Hosts Talk on Social Media

  • Dec 8

    Dialogue and Education Highlighted at BSGI Peace Seminar

  • Dec 8

    SGI-USA Cosponsors UN Women Special Assembly on Climate Change

  • Dec 3

    SGI Native American Members Meet in Florida for First Intertribal Gathering

  • Nov 28

    Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Donates "Tavola Doria" to Italy

  • Nov 27

    IOP Greets 50th Anniversary with Lecture Series on Women

  • Nov 26

    SGM Participates in Interfaith Dialogue Based on Science and Religion

  • Nov 26

    Min-On Showcases Indian Classical Dance Series

  • Nov 25

    SGI-Uruguay Celebrates Diversity and Peace Through Music and Culture

  • Nov 19

    SGI Affiliate Brings Korean Performance Troupe to Taiwan

  • Nov 19

    Toda Institute Co-organizes Seminar: Challenges of a Nuke-Free World

  • Nov 18

    Soka eBook Store Launched

  • Nov 18

    New SGI-Germany Center Opens in Munich

  • Nov 17

    SGI-Spain Hosts Lecture on Religion and Utopia; Participates in Buddhist Symposium

  • Nov 17

    Youth Festivals Held in Bolivia and Peru

  • Nov 11

    SGI Members in Europe and Taiwan Take Buddhist Study Exams

  • Nov 4

    SSA's Senior Citizens Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary

  • Nov 4

    Min-On Holds 16th Tokyo International Conducting Competition

  • Oct 31

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Displays "Seeds of Hope" at Greentech Exhibition

  • Oct 31

    SGI-Australia Youth Strengthen Interfaith Connections Through Dialogue

  • Oct 28

    Victory Over Violence Essay Contest Held in Albuquerque

  • Oct 28

    Peace Through Music: SGI-USA Hosts "Daniel Pearl World Music Days" Concert

  • Oct 28

    SGI-Eastern Europe Leaders Attend Training Course

  • Oct 27

    SGI-Canada Youth Plant Trees in the Rain

  • Oct 24

    IOP Co-organizes Symposium with University of Malaya's Centre for Civilisational Dialogue

  • Oct 20

    Brazil SGI Hosts National Meeting of Environmental Agents, Launches "Seeds of Hope"

  • Oct 15

    SGI-Switzerland and SGI-Spain Hold Training Courses, Launch Youth Campaigns

  • Oct 14

    SGI-Panama Hosts Peace Forum and Environmental Exhibition

  • Oct 14

    SGI Participates in Frankfurt Book Fair, Hosts Forum on Rebuilding Tohoku

  • Oct 14

    Seafarers' Photography Exhibition Held in Yokohama

  • Oct 13

    SGI-UK Members Strengthen Interfaith Understanding at Jubilee Celebration and Buddhist Convention

  • Oct 13

    A Dialogue on Interdependence

  • Oct 12

    Soka Gakkai Holds Memorial Services on Anniversary of Nichiren's Passing

  • Oct 7

    SGI Leaders' Training Courses in Ecuador

  • Oct 7

    New SGI Culture Centers Open in Chennai, Bengaluru, India

  • Oct 7

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Holds Month of Peace Activities

  • Oct 6

    SGI's Anti-nuclear Exhibition Held at Prominent Nuclear Science Museum in New Mexico, US

  • Oct 6

    Celebrating Peace in Hawaii with the Spirit of Aloha

  • Sep 30

    Panel at Turin Spirituality Event on "Wisdom of the Smile"

  • Sep 30

    SGI-Canada Participates in Nationwide Book Festival

  • Sep 30

    17,000 SGI Members take Buddhist Study Exams in Brazil

  • Sep 29

    Spreading Hope Through Art and Music in Tohoku

  • Sep 28

    SGI Chorus Groups in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan Contribute to Local Communities

  • Sep 28

    Antinuclear Exhibition "Transforming the Human Spirit" Shown in Spain, Peru and Argentina

  • Sep 21

    Lou Marinoff Explores Themes From "The Inner Philosopher" at Ikeda Center Event

  • Sep 21

    SGI-New Zealand Co-organizes UN Peace Day Gathering

  • Sep 21

    Antinuclear Exhibition Held in Germany

  • Sep 16

    "Seeds of Hope" Shown in Canada and Paraguay

  • Sep 15

    SGI-Canada Holds Open House Event in Toronto

  • Sep 15

    SGI-Korea Sponsors 78th PEN International Congress

  • Sep 15

    SGI-UK Hosts Hibakusha at Hiroshima Peace Day Events

  • Sep 14

    Taiwan Soka Association Awarded for Community Contribution

  • Sep 11

    SGI Youth Training Course Held in Tokyo

  • Sep 2

    Youth Culture Festival Celebrates Taiwan Soka Association's 50th Anniversary, Exchange with Okinawa

  • Sep 2

    Soka Gakkai Youth Host Music Festival in Tohoku

  • Sep 2

    Soka Gakkai Japan's Academic Department Holds Symposium

  • Sep 1

    SGI-Sweden Hosts Buddhist Mingle

  • Aug 31

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Participates in National Day Celebrations

  • Aug 26

    SGI-New Zealand Aotearoa Hosts Peace Education Forum

  • Aug 26

    SGI Celebrates Soka Gakkai Men's Day

  • Aug 26

    Human Rights Education Film Launched at UN Office in Geneva

  • Aug 25

    New Antinuclear Exhibition Launched in Hiroshima

  • Aug 25

    Daisaku Ikeda International Center for Peace Studies Opens in Argentina

  • Aug 25

    Dunhuang Academy Director Attends Opening of Lotus Sutra Exhibition in Kobe

  • Aug 24

    SGI Members in the Philippines and Taiwan Provide Aid After Floods

  • Aug 22

    Singapore Soka Association Organizes Family Fun Day and Holds Donation Drive for Flood Victims

  • Aug 20

    Min-On Hosts Ghana Dance Ensemble's Tour of Japan

  • Aug 19

    North America and Oceania SGI Leaders Study Conference

  • Aug 19

    Singapore Soka Association Co-organizes Community Outreach Food Project

  • Aug 18

    Toda Institute and Pugwash Hold Conference Focusing on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons by 2040

  • Aug 11

    Soka Gakkai Members in Nagasaki Mark Anniversary of Atomic Bombings, Hold Youth Peace Forum

  • Aug 9

    Singapore Soka Association Give Fiery Performance at National Day Parade

  • Aug 5

    Hiroshima Study Lectures Exceed 150

  • Jul 31

    Soka Gakkai Youth in Hiroshima Sponsor Lectures on Nuclear Abolition

  • Jul 29

    Seminars on Aftermath of March 11, 2011, Earthquake and Tsunami

  • Jul 29

    Soka Gakkai Youth Hold Annual Peace Summit and Peace Festival in Okinawa

  • Jul 28

    SGI-UK Members Join "Year of Service" to Improve Environment

  • Jul 23

    Brazil SGI Holds Introductory Meetings with Sign Language Interpretation

  • Jul 23

    Tenth SGI Europe Study Session Held in Milan, Italy

  • Jul 22

    SGI-Panama Focuses on Youth as Protagonists of a New Era

  • Jul 21

    SGI Members in UK and USA Participate in WorldPride Parades

  • Jul 16

    Soka Gakkai Relief Efforts in Response to Kyushu Floods

  • Jul 15

    Watercolor Painting Exhibitions Held in Hong Kong and Macau

  • Jul 15

    SGI Women's Group Meetings Held in Singapore and Sri Lanka

  • Jul 15

    Celebrating Mandela Day In South Africa

  • Jul 15

    SGI-Spain Youth Meet in Canary Islands

  • Jul 9

    Celebrating 20 Years of Taiwan-China "Peace Angels Exchange"

  • Jul 4

    SGI-Portugal Women Hold Meetings

  • Jul 2

    Peace Bus Retraces Gandhi's Footsteps Across South India

  • Jul 1

    SGI-UK's Olympic Exhibition: Lord Desborough's Sporting Legacy

  • Jul 1

    July SGI Quarterly Issue on "Living with Courage" Available Online

  • Jun 30

    SGINZ Confers Peace Award on Peace Activist Alyn Ware

  • Jun 29

    SGI-Ireland Participates in Dublin City Interfaith Forum

  • Jun 29

    Uffizi Virtual Museum Exhibition Opens at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

  • Jun 28

    Photo Exhibition "Coming of Age: Forgotten Faces of a Greying Asia" Shown in Malaysia

  • Jun 24

    Buddhist Summer Courses Held in Northern Ireland

  • Jun 24

    SGI Youth from Brazil and US Celebrate First Youth Exchange

  • Jun 24

    Symposium on Medicine and Religion Held in Tokyo

  • Jun 23

    SGI-Romania Established as Chapter

  • Jun 23

    SGI-Malaysia Helps Raise Cancer Awareness and Promote Organ Donation

  • Jun 23

    Survey of Awareness of Battle of Okinawa Among Local Students

  • Jun 22

    TSA Women's Chorus Perform at Taoyuan Women's Prison

  • Jun 22

    SGI Holds Interdisciplinary Roundtable Discussion on Education and Learning at Rio+20

  • Jun 22

    SGI Activities at Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

  • Jun 17

    SGI-Finland Members Deepen Buddhist Study

  • Jun 16

    Symposium on Taiwanese Painter Chen Cheng-Po Held in Taiwan

  • Jun 16

    Soka Gakkai Student Members in Tohoku Hold Symposium on Recovery from March 11, 2011, Disaster

  • Jun 10

    SSA Members Take Buddhist Elementary Level Study Exam

  • Jun 8

    SGI-Australia Hosts Cuban Art Exhibition

  • Jun 7

    Buddhist Leader Highlights Need for Education, Empowerment in Advance of Rio+20 Meeting

  • Jun 6

    Fukushima Prefecture Awards Soka Gakkai for Relief Efforts

  • Jun 5

    Seeds of Change Exhibit Held in Western Iceland

  • Jun 4

    SGI-Italy Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Hospital

  • Jun 3

    Interfaith Dialogue in Action at Singapore Soka Association

  • Jun 3

    SGI-Korea Student Group Sponsors Culture and Peace Events

  • Jun 1

    New Environment Proposal, Film on Amazon Center Released for Rio +20 Conference

  • May 27

    SGM Youth Play Creative Role in Culture and Youth Festivals

  • May 25

    IOP Supports Publication of Russian Encyclopedia of Buddhist Philosophy

  • May 21

    "Seeds of Hope" Shown at York University, Toronto

  • May 17

    SGI-Paraguay Provides Aid in Flood Aftermath

  • May 17

    40th Anniversary of Toynbee-Ikeda Dialogue Celebrated

  • May 14

    Soka Gakkai Members Participate in Tornado Relief Activities in Japan

  • May 13

    Music Festival Held at SGI-Spain Culture Center

  • May 13

    SGI-Cambodia Holds Leaders' Training Course

  • May 11

    SGI Representatives Attend Vienna PrepCom for 2015 NPT Review Conference

  • May 8

    From Germany to Vanuatu SGI Members Celebrate Soka Gakkai Day

  • May 6

    SGI-Germany Participates in Vesak Festival

  • May 3

    Facsimile Edition of the Gilgit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts Celebrated in India

  • Apr 29

    Malaysia Hosts Children's Peace Exhibition

  • Apr 28

    Ikeda Center Lecture Explores Education and Human Possibilities

  • Apr 28

    SGI Members Celebrate Earth Day in the Philippines and the US

  • Apr 28

    Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Publication of Nichiren's Writings

  • Apr 27

    Soka Gakkai Malaysia Marks Earth Week

  • Apr 22

    SGI-Canada Members Participate in Community Cleanup

  • Apr 22

    SGI-Netherlands Celebrates Earth Day with Earth Charter Game

  • Apr 20

    SGI-USA Participates in Interfaith Summit at White House

  • Apr 20

    SGI Center in Taiwan Designated Extramural Educational Center by Local Government

  • Apr 15

    SGI-USA Members Plant Cherry Trees in Three States

  • Apr 15

    Buddhist Study Sessions Held in the Philippines, Australia and Brazil

  • Apr 15

    Buddhist Study Exams Held in Zambia, Korea and the USA

  • Apr 14

    SGI Youth in Eastern Europe Strengthen Study of Buddhism

  • Apr 14

    SGI-New Zealand Co-organizes Concert Celebrating 30 Years of Wellington's Nuclear-Weapon-Free Declaration

  • Apr 13

    Victory Over Violence Exhibition Shown at Teen Center in Florida

  • Apr 10

    Dr. N. Radhakrishnan Lectures on Nonviolence and Inner Transformation

  • Apr 8

    Youth Festival and General Meeting Held in Fukushima Prefecture

  • Apr 1

    SGI-USA Hosts Anti-Bullying Event

  • Apr 1

    SGI-Togo Appoints New Leaders

  • Apr 1

    Youth Festivals Held in Korea

  • Mar 31

    Launch of Centre for Applied Buddhism at SGI-UK's Taplow Court

  • Mar 30

    Seeds of Hope Exhibition Shown in Cameroon

  • Mar 29

    Exhibition of Treasures from Palace Museum in Beijing Opens at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

  • Mar 25

    SGI-Spain Participates in Tree Planting Campaign

  • Mar 25

    Institute of Oriental Philosophy Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Conference and Lotus Sutra Exhibition

  • Mar 25

    Interfaith Concert in Luxembourg

  • Mar 25

    Contemporary Chinese Ink-and-Wash Paintings Exhibited in Malaysia

  • Mar 24

    SGI-Spain Hosts Interfaith Discussion on Ecology and Religions

  • Mar 24

    Tree Plantings Held in India in Memory of March 11 Victims

  • Mar 23

    SGI-Germany Hosts Anti-Nuclear Weapons Exhibition and Panel Discussion

  • Mar 19

    Soka Gakkai Members in Tohoku Reach Out to Others

  • Mar 17

    SGI Youth Members Celebrate March 16

  • Mar 16

    Launch of SGI Information (Official) Facebook Page and Addition of Three New Sections to Daisaku Ikeda Website

  • Mar 15

    Dr. Jeffrey Sachs Speaks on Economics of Happiness at SGI-USA New York Culture Center

  • Mar 15

    6th Asia Pacific Regional Interfaith Dialogue Held in Indonesia

  • Mar 14

    Women and Reconstruction Conference Held in Tokyo

  • Mar 11

    International Nuclear Experts Discuss Nuclear Abolition in Tokyo

  • Mar 11

    March Headquarters Meeting Focuses on Recovery from March 11 Disaster

  • Mar 11

    March 11 Earthquake Memorial Prayers Held Throughout Japan

  • Mar 9

    SGI Promotes Empowerment of Rural Women at 56th UN Commission on the Status of Women

  • Mar 8

    Women Walk for Peace in Wellington, New Zealand

  • Mar 6

    SGI-Peru Recognized for Social Contributions

  • Mar 4

    Community Cleanup Efforts in Malaysia

  • Mar 4

    SGI Spring Training Session and Cultural Exchange Meetings

  • Mar 4

    Soka Gakkai Youth Lectures Focus on Response to March 11 Disaster

  • Mar 2

    Tohoku Soka Gakkai Members Rebuilding Lives

  • Feb 29

    Survey of Youth Awareness of Peace and Nuclear Weapons

  • Feb 26

    SGI-NZ Members Organize Beach Cleanup

  • Feb 26

    Youth Peace Culture Festivals Held in Argentina

  • Feb 24

    Lecture on Buddhist Compassion Held in Spain

  • Feb 22

    Buddhist Study Lectures Held Throughout Asia

  • Feb 17

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Shown in Spain

  • Feb 16

    Poetry for Peace in Dubai

  • Feb 16

    SGI-Canada Youth Band Wins Silver Award at Band Festival

  • Feb 16

    Soka Gakkai Members Commemorate Nichiren's Birth

  • Feb 15

    SGI Representatives Attend Anniversary Events of Treaty of Tlatelolco in Mexico

  • Feb 12

    SGI-Dominican Republic Celebrates Anniversary of Landmark Visit

  • Feb 12

    SGI-Cambodia Holds Youth Training Session

  • Feb 9

    "Dramatic Tango" Tours Japan

  • Feb 6

    World Interfaith Harmony Week in Geneva

  • Feb 5

    SGI-Greece Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

  • Feb 5

    SGI Members in Canada and New Zealand Celebrate Chinese New Year

  • Feb 4

    Singapore Soka Association Performs at Chinese New Year Parade

  • Feb 4

    Toda Institute Organizes International Conference on Music and Peace in Paris

  • Jan 29

    SGI Members in Thailand and India Hold Study Exams

  • Jan 29

    "The Earth and I" Exhibition Shown in Hokkaido, Japan

  • Jan 28

    Nagasaki Soka Gakkai Youth Host Peace Lecture

  • Jan 27

    IOP-UK Hosts Specialist Librarians Conference on Buddhism

  • Jan 26

    "Seeds of Hope" Launched in Japan, Hosted by National Science Center in Malaysia

  • Jan 26

    SGI-UK Members Attend Holocaust Memorial

  • Jan 26

    SGI President's 30th Peace Proposal Released

  • Jan 26

    Buddhist Leader Calls for 2015 Nuclear Abolition Summit in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and End to Japan's Reliance on Nuclear Power

  • Jan 25

    Latin America Study Training Course Held in Panama

  • Jan 23

    Soka Gakkai Youth Lecture Focuses on Promoting Human Rights

  • Jan 22

    Nuclear Weapons Abolition Event "Our New Clear Future" Held in California

  • Jan 17

    Anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake Commemorated in Japan

  • Jan 16

    Celebrating MLK Day

  • Jan 15

    SGI-Philippines Holds Prayer Meetings

  • Jan 14

    SGI-Haiti and Dominican Republic Members Gather to Celebrate New Departure

  • Jan 13

    Soka Gakkai Delegation Visits China

  • Jan 2

    SGI Celebrates the Year of Developing a Youthful SGI

  • Jan 1

    SGI-Ghana and Central African Republic Celebrate New Year