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Peace and Disarmament | May 31 2005

SGI-Canada Youth Division Hosts Peace Event in Vancouver

At the forum, three panel discussions were held: "Educating for Sustainability--Is there an Impact?"; "Profit versus Sustainability--Where is the Balance?" and "Rethinking Civilization: Communication and Terror in the Global Village." Keynote speakers for each panel were: Kevin Millsip, co-founder of Check Your Head, a youth organization in Vancouver; Simon Fraser ... read more

Buddhism | May 30 2005

SGI-USA Youth Center Opens; Los Angeles County Supervisor Commends SGI President and Mrs. Ikeda

On May 23, a new SGI-USA Youth Center opened in the SGI-USA headquarters building in Santa Monica, California. SGI Vice President Hiromasa Ikeda, who is currently visiting the U.S., attended the opening. The center will serve as a hub for SGI-USA youth activities, seats some 200 and has exhibition and ... read more

Education | May 25 2005

Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, Holds Historic First Commencement

On May 22, Soka University of America (SUA), Aliso Viejo, California, held its historic first commencement ceremony. Approximately 2,300 SUA faculty and staff, parents, friends and local residents attended, including SUA President Daniel Habuki and Soka University Trustee Hiromasa Ikeda, on behalf of his father, SUA founder Daisaku Ikeda, to ... read more

Buddhism | May 24 2005

SGI-Luxembourg Members Meet; Soka Gakkai Malaysia Youth Engage in Social Activities

SGI-Luxembourg "family" gathering in Junglinster On May 1, SGI-Luxembourg members and their family gathered for a "family" meeting in Junglinster, Luxembourg. Representatives shared their experiences of practicing Nichiren Buddhism and SGI-Luxembourg Women's Division Chief Claudine Ries and Headquarters Chief Chizuko Asanuma Breden encouraged everyone. SGI-Malaysia youth In Malaysia, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) youth ... read more

Buddhism | May 22 2005

SGI-Africa Celebrates May 3

SGI-Africa members, determined to contribute to their respective societies and make the 21st century "Century of Africa," celebrated May 3, Soka Gakkai Day throughout the African continent. SGI-Côte d'Ivoire members meet at Cultural Palace in Abidjan, May 8 SGI members in Uganda meet at a home in Kampala In Côte d'Ivoire, 4,000 gathered ... read more

Education | May 22 2005

Dewey Expert Dr. Larry A. Hickman Speaks on Dewey's Educational Philosophy

On May 21, 2005, Dr. Larry A. Hickman, director of the Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University in Illinois, USA, spoke on John Dewey's educational philosophy in a lecture, titled "Creating Value with Democracy and Education," at the Sankei Plaza in Otemachi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. The Institute of ... read more

Buddhism | May 21 2005

100,000 Youth Participate in SGI-Korea's Youth Festival

A parade of flags of countries worldwide On May 15, SGI-Korea (KSGI) youth hosted a festival expressing pride in their home country, at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. Some 100,000 KSGI youth division members and their friends gathered from throughout the country. Approximately 1,000 guests attended. Yonhap News Agency's ... read more

Buddhism | May 21 2005

SGI Members in Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana Hold Spring Training Courses; SGI-France Members in Corsica Meet

SGI members in Guadeloupe SGI-France supports overseas departments in Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, where SGI members are contributing to peace and happiness of their respective societies, based on the humanistic philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism. In March, SGI members in these regions gathered for a spring training course, respectively. In French Guiana, ... read more

Peace and Disarmament | May 21 2005

"Drawings of the Okinawa War" Exhibition Opens in Okinawa

On May 20, "Drawings of the Okinawa War: Heartbreaking Remembrances of the Shimanchu ('Islander,' in Okinawan)" opened at a gallery located in Tenbusu Naha in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. The Soka Gakkai Okinawa Peace Committee, the Women's Peace and Culture Conference and the Student Division Peace Committee organized and created ... read more

Buddhism | May 19 2005

SGI-Poland Holds Study Session

On May 13-15, SGI-Poland held a study session in Poznan, a suburb of west Poland. Some 110 SGI-Poland members gathered from seven major cities in Poland, such as Poland's capital Warsaw and the ancient city of Krakow. SGI-Poland was officially registered in October 2004, as a social and cultural organization ... read more

Press Releases | May 18 2005

Fighting for Peace, Poems by Daisaku Ikeda, Finalist for Benjamin Franklin Award

Sonoma, California, U.S.A.: Fighting for Peace, a collection of poems by Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda (Dunhill Publishing), has been selected as one of three finalists for the Publishers Marketing Association's 2005 Benjamin Franklin Award in the poetry category. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in New York City ... read more

Interfaith | May 18 2005

SGI-Hong Kong Hosts Interfaith Seminar

On May 16, SGI-Hong Kong hosted an interfaith seminar, titled "Unity and Diversity: How I accommodate other religious traditions in my own beliefs," at the SGI-Hong Kong Culture Center in Hong Kong. Representatives of Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish organizations spoke about their organizations' ideals and engagement with society. SGI-Hong ... read more

Buddhism | May 16 2005

SGI-Uruguay Appoints New National Leaders

SGI-Uruguay introduced new national leaders at a leaders' meeting at their culture center in Montevideo on April 17. Newly appointed are: SGI-Uruguay General Director Hiroyuki Kaetsu; Women's Division Chief Pilar Ortíz; Young Men's Division Chief Ubaldo Rodríguez; and Young Women's Chief Silvia Gómez. Former General Director Tadashi Tanaka was appointed ... read more

Peace and Disarmament | May 16 2005

SGI-Mexico Representatives Participate in Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones Conference in Mexico

On April 26-28, a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones (NWFZ) Conference was held in Mexico City, Mexico. Representatives from some 90 member nations of the world's four NWFZ--Latin America and the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and Africa--participated. Sixteen non-governmental organization representatives also attended, including SGI-Mexico General Director Roberto Rios. Participants discussed ... read more

Peace and Disarmament | May 15 2005

Currents of the Spiritual Age, Collection of SGI President's Proposals a Bestseller in Singapore

According to Ming Pao, a leading Chinese daily, and Asiaweek, a leading Chinese weekly magazine, Currents of the Spiritual Age (tentative translation), a collection of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda's peace proposals in the Chinese language, is a bestseller in Singapore. Ming Pao reported that the book placed second in the ... read more