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  • Dec 13

    SGI-Brazil Brass Band Wins National Competition

  • Dec 9

    Club of Rome and SGI-Spain Sponsor Interfaith Symposium on Sustainability

  • Dec 9

    Faith Communities Unite Against Nuclear Weapons at ICAN Civil Society Forum; Issue Joint Statement

  • Nov 30

    Bharat Soka Gakkai Kicks Off Toward 2015

  • Nov 23

    SGI-Germany Explores the Buddhist View of Life and Death

  • Nov 18

    SGI Contributes to Forum on Global Citizenship

  • Nov 15

    Diversity Celebrated at SGI-New Zealand's 50th Anniversary

  • Nov 14

    SGI-Spain Holds Lecture on Elimination of Violence against Women

  • Nov 13

    Peace Scholar Kevin Clements Gives Lecture on Nonviolence in Tokyo

  • Nov 12

    SGI Promotes Education for Sustainable Development at UNESCO World Conference

  • Nov 5

    SGI Promotes Education and Youth Leadership at Geneva NGO Forum on Women's Rights

  • Nov 2

    SGI-South Africa Holds National Meeting

  • Nov 1

    SGI-Korea Joins Walk Against Bullying in Schools

  • Oct 26

    "Let Us Illuminate Society!"--SGI-Chile Women Hold General Meeting

  • Oct 22

    SGI-Bolivia Gives Seminar on Buddhist View of Human Rights

  • Oct 19

    Sources of Enrichment: Interfaith Conference on The Economics of Happiness Held in France

  • Oct 19

    Students of Hong Kong SGI Hold Annual Meeting; Resolve to Realize Peace

  • Oct 18

    SGI-Nepal Holds Annual Meeting; Sponsors Symposiums on Environment and Peace

  • Oct 12

    SGI-Indonesia Holds Peace Culture Festival

  • Oct 12

    SGI-Germany Marks Publication of German Edition of Nichiren's Writings at Frankfurt Bookfair

  • Oct 6

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Debuts in Argentina

  • Oct 2

    SGI-Philippines Manila International Peace Center Opens

  • Sep 28

    Buddhist Study Exams Held in Asia, Latin America and Oceania

  • Sep 27

    Human Dignity Featured at 2014 Ikeda Forum

  • Sep 27

    SGI Youth in Nicaragua Hold Culture Festival

  • Sep 26

    SGI in Canada, Sweden and U.S. Participate in Grassroots Events Toward the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

  • Sep 26

    SGI Supports Events Promoting Human Rights Education at UN Human Rights Council

  • Sep 20

    SGI in UK and Spain Hold Peace Events Marking Toda's Declaration

  • Sep 20

    Singapore Soka Association Youth Join Interfaith Harmony Tour

  • Sep 17

    Russian Language Edition of "The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra" Published, SGI Website in Russian Launched

  • Sep 10

    Seminars on Daisaku Ikeda's 2014 Peace Proposal Held in Panama and Brazil

  • Sep 9

    Symposiums on Ikeda's 2014 Peace Proposal Held in India

  • Sep 8

    Buddhist Youth Meet in Hiroshima, Call for World Youth Summit for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

  • Sep 7

    SGI Youth Meet in Hiroshima, Issue Peace Declaration

  • Sep 1

    SGI-Italy Representatives Support Interreligious Soccer Match for Peace

  • Aug 30

    Taiwan Soka Association Organizes Lecture on PTSD in City Affected by Gas Explosions

  • Aug 27

    SGI Cosponsors Workshop on Education for Global Citizenship in the Post-2015 Development Agenda at UN

  • Aug 26

    SGI Representative Shares Insights on Citizen Diplomacy and Sino-Japanese Relations at Seminar in Norway

  • Aug 24

    Soka Gakkai's Relief Efforts in Response to Floods and Landslides in Japan

  • Aug 15

    Toda Institute Sponsors Music and Peacebuilding Workshop; Participates in International Peace Research Conference

  • Aug 15

    SGI Members in Singapore and Paraguay Perform at Anniversary Celebrations

  • Aug 11

    SGI-Europe Holds Annual Summer Study Sessions in Milan and Trets

  • Aug 9

    Soka Gakkai Youth from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Okinawa and Tokyo Hold Annual Peace Summit

  • Aug 5

    SGI-Philippines Joins Workshop on Role of Faith-Based Communities in Crisis Response

  • Aug 5

    SGI Makes Donations in Support of Relief Efforts

  • Aug 4

    Buddhist Youth Step Up Momentum toward Nuclear Abolition, Spread Message of Peace

  • Jul 31

    Ambassador of Marshall Islands Gives Talk, Soka Gakkai Youth Kick Off "Nuclear Zero" Petition Drive

  • Jul 26

    Soka Gakkai Holds Lecture on Minamata Disease and Building a Sustainable Society

  • Jul 25

    TSA Holds Annual Soka Joy Summer Camps in Remote Areas

  • Jul 15

    SGI Promotes Role of FBOs in Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

  • Jul 6

    China National Peking Opera Company Performs in Japan

  • Jul 6

    SGI-Sweden Organizes Anti-nuclear Weapons Exhibition

  • Jun 30

    SGI-Korea Students Show Anti-nuclear Weapons Exhibition at 210 Venues

  • Jun 29

    Friendship Exchanges between Youth from Taiwan Soka Association and Peking University

  • Jun 22

    SGM Showcases Malaysian Printmaker Loo Foh Sang's Works

  • Jun 12

    "Seeds of Hope" Shown in India, South Korea and Malaysia

  • Jun 11

    Seeds of Hope Exhibition Shown in Brazil and other Latin American Countries

  • Jun 8

    SGI-Italy Holds Nationwide Women's General Meetings

  • Jun 2

    Nuclear Weapons Abolition Events Held in Japan and South Korea

  • May 31

    Soka Gakkai Japan Youth Delegation Visits China for Friendship Exchange

  • May 31

    SGI-Spain Organizes Symposium on Education for Sustainable Development

  • May 24

    Portuguese Edition of Nichiren's Writings Published in Brazil

  • May 19

    SGI Youth from Across Asia Deepen Bonds of Friendship in Kyushu

  • May 18

    Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Opening of SGI-Ghana Center

  • May 18

    SGI-Philippines Participates in International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

  • May 2

    SGI Co-organizes Seminar on Nuclear Disarmament Education at UN HQ

  • May 2

    Taiwan Soka Association Hosts International Conference on Social Impact of Museums

  • Apr 30

    SGI-UK Organize Second International Jazz Day Concert, "Ode to the Human Spirit"

  • Apr 30

    Faith Groups Unite on Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Issue Joint Statement

  • Apr 27

    SGI-Chile Members Respond to Disasters

  • Apr 25

    US Faith Groups Unite to Call for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Stressing Devastating Humanitarian Impact

  • Apr 22

    SGI Latin America Study Training Course Held in Brazil and Argentina

  • Apr 22

    Soka Gakkai Publishes 16th in Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series

  • Apr 21

    2014 SGI Spring Training Course Held

  • Apr 12

    SGI-Spain Hosts Interfaith Symposium, Lecture on Media and Religion

  • Mar 30

    Brazil SGI Men's Division Members Attend Exchange Meetings in Remote Areas

  • Mar 29

    SSA Strengthens Interfaith Ties

  • Mar 29

    SGI-Nepal Joins Bagmati River Cleaning Program and Opens "Lotusbari" Garden

  • Mar 29

    Soka Gakkai Japan Releases Survey on March 11 Disaster

  • Mar 25

    SOKA Global Action Youth Delegates From Japan Visit U.S.

  • Mar 23

    New SGI Center Opens in Singapore

  • Mar 23

    SGI's Anti-nuclear Weapons Exhibition "Everything You Treasure" Shown in New Zealand and Okinawa

  • Mar 21

    SGI Organizes Events on Women's Leadership at CSW58

  • Mar 17

    New SGI Center Opens in Mumbai, India

  • Mar 11

    Soka Gakkai Holds March 11 Memorial Services

  • Feb 22

    SGI in Uruguay and Argentina Hold Commemorative Meetings

  • Feb 21

    Compilation of 30 Years of Buddhist Leader’s Proposals for Peace Launched at UN Headquarters: Daisaku Ikeda's Key Ideas on Peace Now in One Volume

  • Feb 20

    A Forum for Peace: Compilation of 30 years of SGI President Ikeda's Peace Proposals Launched at UN HQ

  • Feb 16

    30th Anniversary of SGI President's Visit Marked, Brazil SGI Students Hold Human Security Conference

  • Feb 16

    Lotus Sutra Exhibition Debuts in Malaysia

  • Feb 15

    SGI Joins Second Conference on Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

  • Feb 5

    Forty Years of Soka Gakkai Book Donations Celebrated

  • Feb 4

    SGI Participates in Earth Charter International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development

  • Feb 1

    SGI-Canada Joins World Interfaith Harmony Week Events

  • Jan 27

    SGI President Calls for Regional Cooperation in Response to Natural Disasters, Youth Summit on Nuclear Weapons Abolition

  • Jan 26

    Child Rights Campaign Launched by Soka Gakkai Women's Peace Committee

  • Jan 26

    Soka Gakkai Youth Launch "SOKA Global Action" Peace Campaign

  • Jan 20

    SGI-USA Cohosts Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events in Santa Monica

  • Jan 19

    SGI European Summit Held at New Center in Milan, Italy

  • Jan 11

    SGI-USA Cosponsors UN Women Assembly on Making LA a Safer City

  • Jan 5

    SGI-Hong Kong Members Take Part in Fund-raising Walk