SGI Cambodia-Laos-Thailand Youth Training Course Held



SGI ThailandAn exchange meeting in Pathumsampun District

From March 28–29, some 55 SGI youth from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand gathered in Bangkok for a training course.

The first meeting was held at the Soka Gakkai Thailand Headquarters in Bangkok. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda sent a message in which he stated that the establishment of peace begins with a fundamental transformation in the hearts of individuals. Representatives from each country gave activity reports and members from Cambodia and Laos shared experiences in faith. There was also a lecture on Nichiren’s writing “On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime.”

On March 29, the youth members from Laos and Cambodia participated in local district meetings at which they met and held dialogue with Soka Gakkai Thailand members of all ages.

Socheth Sok, SGI-Cambodia youth leader, commented: “During the training course, we had wonderful and meaningful heart-to-heart interaction with Laotian and Thai youth. No matter what happens, we will protect each other, work to rid our countries of all kinds of misery, and sustain peace in Southeast Asia.”

[Adapted from a report from Soka Gakkai Thailand; photos courtesy of Soka Gakkai Thailand]

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