SGI-Panama Holds Peace Festival



Peace Festival SignsHolding signs that read “Youth united for peace” and “Change depends on me”

On March 14, 2015, SGI-Panama members from across the country gathered for a peace festival at the SGI-Panama culture center in Panama City. The theme of the festival was “Youth United for Peace,” and it consisted of musical, theatrical and dance performances by SGI-Panama youth. Guest performers included Victor Jaramillo accompanied by the “Sociedad Anónima” orchestra, rock group La Tribu, singer Priscilla Moreno and violinist Graciela Núñez.

Peace Festival DancingSGI-Panama youth from Colón city performing

There was also a display of information on nuclear abolition, sustainability and peace. The display emphasized that peace is something close at hand that is created by cultivating bonds of friendship and the inner transformation of each individual.

Peace Festival Information StandThe information stand

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Panama; photos courtesy of SGI-Panama]

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