SGI-Chile Members Respond to Disasters



IquiqueYouth members from Santiago deliver the supplies

On April 1, a magnitude-8.2 earthquake hit the northern coast of Chile causing landslides, power outages, interruptions in water supplies and triggering a tsunami.

On April 12, around 2,000 homes were destroyed by a two-day wildfire that displaced more than 10,000 people in the city of Valparaíso in the center of the country. To support people affected by the fire, SGI-Chile youth members in Santiago, some 110 kilometers from Valparaíso, collected supplies which they delivered to a relief center. On April 19, SGI-Chile General Director Mr. Fumio Imai visited Valparaíso to meet with, encourage and support members struggling in the aftermath of the fire.

IquiqueSGI-Chile members in Iquique unite at the discussion meeting

From April 26–27, Mr. Imai also visited the northern city of Iquique, where some 2,800 people are still living in tents having been displaced by the earthquake and tsunami. He attended the first discussion meeting held by SGI-Chile members since the disaster occurred. At the meeting, which was held on April 27, members shared the struggles they have faced since the earthquake and their determination to contribute to the speedy recovery of their communities.

[Adapted from a report from SGI-Chile; photos courtesy of SGI-Chile]

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