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On July 20, youth members from SGI-Philippines in Davao, representing the Buddhist community, participated in a forum on Ramadan sponsored by the Bishops-Ulama Conference, an interreligious partnership promoting dialogue and mutual understanding between faith communities in the Philippines since 1996. The forum was held at the Bishops-Ulama Conference building in Davao City, southern Mindanao.

At the forum, a representative from the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos introduced the significance of Ramadan, observed this year from July 9 to August 7, and the benefits of fasting. A Q&A session followed, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions about Ramadan and other Islamic practices. Davao Archbishop Emeritus Fernando R. Capalla also shared his impressions.

In addition to the Bishops-Ulama Conference, which consists of Catholic, Protestant and Muslim religious leaders, other groups that joined the event included the Focolare Movement, representing the Christian faith; the Mindanao Commission on Women, consisting of Muslim, Christian and indigenous women leaders; and Silsilah Forum Davao and the Young Moro Professionals Network, representing the Islamic faith.

"Joining the Ramadan forum gave us a clear understanding about the culture and philosophy of our Muslim brothers and sisters," commented Pogi Figuracion, an SGI-Philippines young men's group member. "Although we have different beliefs, we share a common goal to help achieve peace and deeper understanding in Mindanao, the Land of Promise."

[Adapted from an article on the SGI-Philippines website; photo courtesy of SGI-Philippines]

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