SGI-Hong Kong Members Join Fund-raising Walk




Walk for Millions

On Jan 6, over 100 SGI-Hong Kong members participated in the "Walk for Millions: Hong Kong and Kowloon Walk"--an annual fund-raising event organized by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, an NGO that provides financial support to a wide range of welfare service initiatives benefiting vulnerable groups in Hong Kong.

Various organizations, including SGI-Hong Kong, were invited to the opening ceremony, together with Hong Kong Chief Executive Chun-Ying Leung.

Walkers, some carrying their organization's banners, covered a total distance of 10 kilometers, taking roughly three to four hours.

SGI-Hong Kong members of various ages participated, with some traveling long distances to support the event. In total, they raised HK$60,000 (US$7,740).

The Community Chest of Hong Kong will allocate all funds raised to 23 social welfare member agencies that provide family and child welfare services.

[Adapted from an article in the February 11, 2013, issue of the Li Ming Sheng Bao (LMSB); photo courtesy of LMSB]

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