SGI-Korea Develops Friendship in Community Through Environment Protection Activities



Anyang River cleanup The Anyang River cleanup

This autumn, SGI-Korea members participated in various cleanup activities and created a unique environmental exhibition.

On September 25, SGI-Korea members joined the annual cleanup of the Anyang River in the City of Anyang. The Anyang River is one of the four main tributaries of the Han River in Seoul. Also, on September 28, SGI-Korea members in the city of Incheon joined the annual cleanup of Seunggicheon, a river in Incheon City. Participants expressed their hope that the river can once more be a habitat for migratory birds.

Yangsan Sabryang Culture Festival The exhibition at the Yangsan Sabryang Culture Festival

On September 30, members in Jung District of Seoul held their regular monthly cleanup of Seosomun Park. SGI-Korea’s Jung District has made a “Park Helper” contract with the local government which enables them to make continuous efforts to improve the park.

From October 4 to 6, as part of the Yangsan Sabryang Culture Festival commemorating the 600th anniversary of Yangsan City, SGI-Korea held an environmental exhibition visited by some 30,000 local people. The exhibition conveyed the message that our own seemingly small actions can affect the environment.

As part of a city-wide campaign to improve the natural environment in Seoul, since June this year, SGI-Korea’s Dobong Region has been taking care of 40,000 plants and trees in Banghak Quarterly Square. Members have been visiting the park twice a month, taking care of the trees and garden, clearing weeds and picking up rubbish. Their contributions were recognized when, on October 16, SGI-Korea was one of 18 organizations to receive an award for its efforts.

[Adapted from reports from SGI-Korea; photos courtesy of SGI-Korea]

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