Brazil SGI Sponsors Seminar on Communication for Peace



Edvaldo Pereira LimaProfessor Edvaldo Pereira Lima

On October 13, the Department of Communication of Brazil SGI (BSGI) held its first Seminar on Communication for Peace, examining the role and use of nonviolent communication in building a more humane world. The seminar was held at the BSGI Ikeda Culture Center in São Paulo and attended by some 450 people including journalists and students.

Guest speaker was Edvaldo Pereira Lima, professor in the Department of Journalism and Publishing at the University of São Paulo’s School of Communications and Arts. He stated that the role of the communicator in creating a more humane world is to bring people together on the most fundamental level of a shared humanity.

panel discussion The panel discussion

Speakers from BSGI were journalists Elizangela Marques and Marcia Nicolau, and Monique Volter from the Rio de Janeiro-based NGO Observatório de Favelas that aims to empower people living in slum areas. Ms. Nicolau presented her blog, Impressoes Humanas (Impressions of Humanity) that depicts the remarkable lives of ordinary people, and Ms. Volter spoke on leadership and empowerment.

All speakers participated in a panel discussion moderated by Vera Golik of the BSGI Department of Communication, and BSGI Vice President Antônio Nakamura gave closing remarks.

[Adapted from an article on the Brazil SGI (BSGI) website and reports from BSGI; photos courtesy of BSGI]

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