SGI members are active in contributing to their local communities and see the ultimate aim of Buddhism and the SGI as the creation of a just, sustainable and peaceful world. SGI groups all over the world undertake projects suitable to the local situation and culture. This could be through cleaning a local park, holding a discussion on women's role in building peace, or showing an awareness-raising exhibition in a library. SGI focuses its education efforts on the themes of peace and disarmament, sustainable development and human rights. SGI's social engagement can also be seen in the day-to-day activities of individual SGI members who are contributing to the betterment of their communities, families and workplaces.

Viewing nuclear weapons as a threat to the right to life itself, in 2007 SGI also created the People's Decade for Nuclear Abolition, which aims to foster a global grassroots network dedicated to a nuclear-weapon-free world.

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